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What should I do if the main screen unlock function stops working on your iPhone?

If you are one of the owners of the latest iPhone models – you probably are alien to such a thing as unlocking the screen with a fingerprint. “

Apple developers saved their customers this fate and created a truly revolutionary technology – Face ID. Whoever says anything, so far FaceID remains the most convenient and secure way to unlock your smartphone.

As numerous experiments with fake faces have shown, it is almost impossible to fool a 3D scanner, but the unlock speed, viewing angle and the degree of illumination at which the sensor is triggered – all this in Face ID leaves no chance for the flagship models of competitors.

Spiteful people will remember monobrow ”with its built-in sensors, which Apple still can’t refuse, but, on the other hand, is there still a visible better alternative?

A real problem can be a breakdown or malfunctioning of Face ID, and this, unfortunately, happens. But do not worry if suddenly your brand new iPhone has lost one of its main functions and immediately carry it to the “master”.

There may be several reasons, and even an inexperienced user can easily fix them.

1 TrueDepth camera visibility issues

This is one of the most common reasons why FaceID may not work properly.

TrueDepth camera – this is the very 3D face scanner that is responsible for unlocking the screen and consists of several scanners and sensors placed on the top of the iPhone.

Therefore, a new cover, bumper, poor-quality protective film, external damage or even just dirt on this sensor can interfere with FaceID.

Try to clear monobrow ”and make sure that nothing prevents the sensors from scanning the face.

For those who do not have automatic software update enabled, it is advisable to still update the system, although this applies not only to the correct operation of Face ID.

2 Face ID Settings

After updating the system, or just when you let your children or friends put your phone on, the Face ID settings can change.

To check this, go to Phone settings> Face ID and passcode. There you can see exactly what features FaceID works for and restrict its use to some applications if the system asks for unlocking too often.

It’s better, of course, to leave Face ID turned on for mobile banking, social networks and other applications that can store important personal data.

3 Face problem

No matter how it sounds, in some cases a working Face ID function may not work for the “wrong” face of the owner.

This applies to situations where the face may be covered with something, or, for example, you wear glasses.

Yes, no need to shout that Face ID can scan a face even with glasses: some glasses block infrared light, so even the most advanced sensors like Apple may not work.

Apple writes that Face ID only works when the iPhone is upright (portrait) orientation, although on the iPad the scanner works in any position.

In addition, TrueDepth works only at a distance of 25-50 cm, when the eyes, nose and mouth are clearly visible. If you look away when unlocking, Face ID may also not work.

4 Reset and alternative view

If none of the options help, try resetting the unlock using Face ID or setting an alternative look so that the scanner works more often and better. This can be done in the same Face ID settings.

Do not forget that by default, Face ID will not work if: you just restarted or turned on the iPhone; 48 hours have passed since the last time the device was unlocked; six days have passed since the last unlock of the smartphone using a password code; iPhone locked remotely; Face ID did not work five times.

5 Breaking bad

Well, the last, most desperate option is to reset the iPhone to factory settings. Like it or not, good old hard reset ”often helps in many situations. And Face ID is no exception.

Just remember that for different iPhones, the factory reset function is called differently.

In the latest versions before iPhone 8, you must first press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button, hold down the lock button until the Apple logo appears, after which the device will reboot.

For iPhone 7, you just need to hold down the volume up and lock buttons of the smartphone at the same time.

For iPhone 6s and older, you need to pinch old “central button and smartphone lock button at the same time for at least 10 seconds.

If even after that Face ID does not work, then you can definitely give the gadget into the hands of specialists. As the saying goes, at least you tried.


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