How to set up an autoresponder for emails in Mail on Mac

Every user of a “native” mail client for Mac has probably at least once in his life thought about creating a pre-prepared response to emails that could be sent automatically. In fact, it is possible. If, for example, you are out of the office, the macOS Mail app can automatically send a reply on your behalf.

Of course, the program will not answer for you on the content of the letter, but it will inform the addressee that you are not there now and will reply later.

If in response to your letter you received a message like “I’m on vacation now, write to me after [дата] or call back “, be aware that this is the template message automatically sent by the mail client.

Below we will tell you how to independently configure automatic responses in the program. “Post office” on your Mac. Setting up auto-replies on all Macs is the same, regardless of the version of the operating system used.

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How to set up automatic replies to emails in the Mail app on Mac

Next, we’ll show you how to set up instant auto replies for all incoming emails.

1. Open the app “Post office”;

2. Go to “Settings” and select “Filters”;

3. Select an option “Add filter” and name it appropriately (e.g. “Vacation answering machine”);

How to set up automatic replies to emails in the Mail app on Mac

4. Specify the parameter to satisfy one or all of the conditions;

5. In the drop-down menu of the section “If a” select “Every message”;

6. Now in the drop-down menu of the section Do the following select “To answer”;

7. Click on Reply with text message and enter your automatic reply text;

How to set up automatic replies to emails in the Mail app on MacHow to set up automatic replies to emails in the Mail app on Mac

8. Click on “OK”and then again on “OK”to set auto reply.

By doing all of the above, you will set an automatic reply to all emails that come to your Mac while you are away. You can check if the feature works by sending an email to yourself. If you receive an automatic response, then everything was done correctly and the function is working. By setting the options for satisfying the conditions, you can choose to send auto replies only to certain recipients, only to letters from certain domains, only on certain dates, etc.

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How to turn automatic replies on or off in Mail on Mac

Once configured, auto replies are activated automatically. You can turn them off at a later time and then turn them back on if needed.

1. In the app “Post office” on your Mac go to Preferences;

2. Select “Filters” and check / uncheck the box next to the desired filter.

How to set up automatic replies to emails in the Mail app on Mac

As a rule, autoreplies are widely used in business, but they can also come in handy in private correspondence. For example, you have to move away from the computer for a while, but you do not want your recipient to think that you are ignoring their letters. Also, this feature is irreplaceable if you really ignore messages from a certain person, but do not want him to know about it.

Setting up auto replies is just one of a number of options available in “Filters” mail client for Mac. For example, you can remotely put your computer into standby using your iPhone, set up automatic message forwarding, add sound effects for messages from specific recipients, set up automatic deletion of certain messages, and more.

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