How to set up alarm notifications for people with hearing problems on iPhone

With the release of iOS 14 (a detailed review of new features), a new feature has appeared in the iPhone Universal access, which is called Sound Recognition. She will be able to notify users of important sounds, such as the fire alarm, doorbell, baby crying, dog barking, etc. Such a function will be in demand by people with hearing impairments.

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How does the Sound Recognition feature work on iPhone?

When this feature is activated, the iPhone will continuously listen to the environment, trying to hear certain sounds using smart features. The device will notify the user when it recognizes the desired signals. These include the sounds of a fire alarm, sirens, smoke detectors, the voices of cats and dogs, household appliances, car horns, doorbells and knocking, water noise, screaming and crying baby. There are 14 such sounds.

How to enable “Sound Recognition” in iPhone?

Apple claims that sound recognition cannot be relied on in cases where you may be injured or injured, in high-risk situations or in emergency situations, or for navigation. This feature is still in beta testing, so it may not yet be completely reliable.

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How to enable “Sound Recognition” in iPhone?

You can enable the function and select sounds for recognition in the application “Settings” on the menu “Universal access”Sound Recognition.

How to enable “Sound Recognition” in iPhone?How to enable “Sound Recognition” in iPhone?

Turn on and off Sound Recognition, and also get quick access to the parameters of the function with a list of sounds that can be set for detection, you can from Control room. If the button Sound Recognition not available in the Control Center, you can add it according to this instruction.

How to enable “Sound Recognition” in iPhone?

How to enable “Sound Recognition” in iPhone?

It is worth noting that Google and Amazon are already using a similar feature on their devices. But if there it is part of the security system (for example, Amazon Echo speakers respond to the sound of broken glass), then in Apple the solution is still part of universal access, helping people with hearing loss. But in the future, it is possible to expand the scope of this function.

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