How to set iPhone to erase after incorrect password attempts

Many iPhone users are afraid that someday they will find themselves in the following situation: their gadget will fall into the hands of a person with bad intentions, and the attacker will simply enter the wrong password 10 times, after which iOS will automatically delete all data from the smartphone. But not everything is as bad as it seems.

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To begin with, this feature is disabled by default, and the vast majority of users will never have to face the fact that someone deliberately destroys their data.

If you did activate “Erasing data” on the iPhone … and then there are subtleties. Well-known Apple blogger John Gruber talks about how the feature works “Erasing data” in real life:

After the 5th unsuccessful attempt, iOS requires a 1-minute break before you can try again. At this time, only a call to the rescue service is allowed. After the 6th try, you get a 5 minute timeout. After the 7th – 15 minutes. In the future, these timeouts only increase, so it will take you more than 3 hours to make 10 attempts.

Wipe iPhone data after 10 incorrect passcode attempts

In other words, Apple is offering you much more time to regain control of your device than you might think.

… If you have data in which third parties are interested (and it may harm you), it is probably still worth activating the data erasure function – it is quite possible that it is better to lose everything than to let important information fall into the hands of completely unfriendly characters. But how to do that?

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How to enable Wipe data on iPhone

1. Open the app Settings

2. Select Face ID (Touch ID) and passcode, enter the pin code.

3. Scroll to the end and activate the switch opposite the inscription Erasing data

Wipe iPhone data after 10 incorrect passcode attemptsWipe iPhone data after 10 incorrect passcode attempts

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