How to restart Google Chrome on Windows or Mac with one touch if the program is frozen

The Google Chrome browser is used everywhere, and therefore everyone is well aware of the problems that occur with it. In particular, it happens to freeze thoroughly at the most inopportune moment, which requires an immediate reboot. Below we will tell you how to quickly and painlessly cope with such difficulties.

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Google Chrome, in addition to its advantages, is also known for how quickly it manages to fill up all the RAM. The processor instantly boots to capacity, and the computer starts to slow down terribly and throw notifications to the user asking for help. You can cope with the problem by simply reloading the application. That is, by closing and reopening the browser, as usual, users do. But there is another way to quickly close and restore the program.

It differs from the first in the speed of the operation. This method is not known to everyone, although it is much simpler than a manual reset. So, in order to update the operation of the frozen browser, you can enter the command in the address bar chrome: // restart… For more convenience, it can be saved as a bookmark and used in critical cases. And you can do it like this:

1… Create a bookmark for any random page;

Google Chrome is frozen, how to quickly restart

2. Click on it with the right mouse button and click on the button “Edit“;

Google Chrome is frozen, how to quickly restart

Google Chrome is frozen, how to quickly restart

3. In the line that appears with the URL subtitle, copy the command chrome: // restart, and in the field “Name»Enter any convenient word, in our case Restart

Google Chrome is frozen, how to quickly restart

It is only important not to forget that when you restart the browser, all data entered in the open tabs may disappear. Therefore, before rebooting, it is advisable to make sure that as a result of the operation, any important unsent comment or message will not be lost.

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