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How to quickly open the settings of any application on macOS

Turning to using Mac computers, many users feel quite understandable discomfort associated with the differences in the macOS software environment. However, it’s not so difficult to make life easier for a beginner “makovod”, for example, with the help of useful keyboard shortcuts.

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Earlier, we have already repeatedly told you about how to speed up work with the Apple desktop operating system by using a variety of “shortcuts”, and today we will consider another one that allows you to instantly access the settings of almost any program.

The fact is that developers of third-party applications place this section in the menu at their discretion, which often causes navigation difficulties for beginners. But almost always there is the opportunity to use an alternative method – holding the function key ⌘Commandclick semicolon (for the English keyboard layout, or “B” for the Russian one).

How to quickly open settings on Mac

It is worth noting that this key combination, like many other shortcuts, works in almost all standard and third-party macOS applications.

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