How to log into your iCloud from Android or someone else’s iPhone or iPad without entering an Apple ID in the settings

How to log into your iCloud from Android or someone else’s iPhone or iPad without entering an Apple ID in the settings All Apple NEWS

Eight years after its introduction, has finally become truly mobile. Now this Apple website has received a mobile version, which allows it to work on devices with iOS and Android. Thus, users greatly facilitated their access to Apple services such as Notes, Photos, Reminders, Find iPhone. Work with them became possible directly from the browser on a mobile phone, even if it is running Android.

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Previously, Apple, when accessing the site in a mobile browser, redirected users to native applications or to the desktop version of the site. In this mode, working with him was simply inconvenient on a small screen. The new user interface is identical to the desktop version of the site, but already when using adaptive layout (the site adjusts to the screen resolution of the device). Thus, Apple finally recognized that sometimes it would be useful for users to log into their own iCloud account, for example, using someone else’s device.

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How to open iCloud from Android or someone else’s iPhone or iPad

The update will appeal most to owners of Android smartphones, who are also users of Apple services. Thanks to this, even on a device with Google’s OS, things like Apple’s Notes are now available. Simplified access to the service of the company “Find iPhone” through the browser. Now you can try to find your missing smartphone from a friend’s phone. However, some functions may not work.

The new user interface is already available on, although at the moment it is limited to only four of the above services: Notes, Photos, Reminders, and Find iPhone.

How to log into your iCloud from Android or someone else's iPhone

Other iCloud features, such as Contacts, Calendar, or the iWork suite of applications, are not yet available on the new mobile site, as well as the full Latitude app (Find Friends and Find iPhone). Apple is likely to add support for them in the near future.

Mobile support really works well. In “Notes” you can create new elements, edit and delete existing ones. The synchronization between iOS / macOS and in a mobile browser is sometimes still late, you have to refresh the page. At the same time, not all functions work correctly in Chrome for Android: a note can be created, but not edited. There is a problem with scrolling the list. But browsers from Samsung and Firefox work much better.

Reminders work smoothly in both Chrome for Android and Safari. You can add your reminders to the list, change the name and their appearance. But creating a new list will not work – you have to work with an existing one.

Working with the Photos app is the best part of the update for mobile browsers. Now you can browse your entire iCloud photo library, delete unnecessary items from there, move them to albums, upload pictures directly from your smartphone and even create a shared link. On Android, you can even view Live Photos, which is very unusual. Interestingly, in a fully open image, you can swipe down to return to all the photos. It’s nice to see such a function in action, even on Android.

How to log into your iCloud from Android or someone else's iPhone

The Find My iPhone application not only allows you to track all devices connected to your Apple ID, but also remotely play sounds on them. Even with Android, you can now do this, as well as erase device memory remotely, and check battery status.

How to log into your iCloud from Android or someone else's iPhone

If you open from your iPad, you’ll also have access to Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and other services. The fact is that in iPadOS, the browser is able to work in desktop mode, offering the same version of the site as for the Mac. is also available on the mobile web version of “Account settings”. This allows you to find out how much storage is still left, external links for Apple ID, language and formats, devices that were part of iCloud, you can use the data recovery functions.

How to log into your iCloud from Android or someone else's iPhone

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It is really useful.

You may ask a question: why is support for mobile devices so important, because the Photos and Notes applications are already installed on your iPhone. There are actually a number of reasons. For example, if you lose your iPhone, the ability to log into iCloud on someone else’s phone, even with Android, is very necessary. After all, using the “Find iPhone” service, you can track the missing device.

And if you own an Android phone, you can directly access your library of photos and videos from it without transferring it completely from the iPhone, and even replenish it.

When you think about all the possible scenarios, you will be surprised that took eight whole years to create full support for mobile devices. Now, even owners of Android devices can be satisfied with this opportunity to work directly with Apple services.

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