How to install third-party fonts in iOS. It’s easier than it sounds

How to install third-party fonts in iOS. It’s easier than it sounds All Apple NEWS

One of the subtle innovations of iOS 13 and iPadOS was the support of third-party fonts.

Chip not intended to customize and change the interface of the Apple mobile operating system. Additional fonts are used exclusively in text-editing applications.

This option is useful to everyone who works with graphics, creates content, designs, or just wants to beautifully design mail and documents.

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Now we will consider in detail all the features of working with third-party fonts on the iPhone and iPad.

Where support for third-party fonts appeared

With the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS, support for third-party fonts has appeared in all Apple applications that have the option to format text.

New fonts can be tested right away in a standard email client, Pages text editor, Numbers spreadsheet editor, and Keynote presentation program.

Third-party developers got at their disposal special APIs, the implementation of which will allow using the installed third-party fonts from iOS 13.

Over the past six months, many programs have acquired this useful feature.

What font formats are supported

The following font types are now available on Apple mobile operating systems:

TTF (TrueType Font), which is based on the joint development of Apple and Microsoft of the late 80s. Then the companies came together to provide a decent alternative to vector fonts from Adobe. At the moment, this font format is most common on both Windows and macOS.

TTC (TrueType Collection) – An improved version of TrueType that allows you to combine similar fonts into one file and reduce the amount of source data.

OTF (OpenType Font), TrueType-based development by Adobe and Microsoft in the mid-90s. Fonts are supported by macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Where to look for new fonts

At the moment, fonts can be found on the websites of developers: Adobe, DynaFont, FounderType, Monotype, Morisawa.

It is possible to install fonts through applications from the App Store. Adding third-party fonts on iOS 12 and earlier is also possible, but this requires the installation of third-party developer profiles.

How to install new fonts on iPhone and iPad

There are several ways to add new fonts in iOS. Please note that the added data does not migrate between devices via iCloud or another cloud service.

All the necessary fonts will have to be downloaded on each device, where necessary.

1. Installation through the application

This method is possible on any device with iOS 13 or iPadOS. You just need to find the right program in the App Store.

We offer such free alternatives:

▸ Adobe Creative Cloud

▸ Font Diner

▸ Fonteer

▸ iFont

You just need to find the appropriate font in the application, press the button Install and confirm the installation of the font on the device.

Now, while editing text, just go to the settings and select the installed font.

2. Installation through the profile

This method allows you to install third-party fonts on earlier versions of iOS.

You can find fonts in this case using the following applications:

▸ FondFont

▸ iFont

▸ Good Fonts

▸ AnyFont

In the application, you must select the necessary fonts and agree to the installation. The application will download the developer profile to the smartphone, you will need to confirm its installation and enter the unlock code.

How to remove fonts from iOS

To remove fonts that were installed through applications for iOS 13 or iPadOS, you need to do the following:

1. Go to Settings – Basic – Fonts.

2. Find an unnecessary font in the list or through the search.

3. Swipe to remove the installed font.

To remove the font that was installed during the slop of the developer profile, you need to do the following operation:

1. Go to Settings – Basic – Profiles.

2. Select the profile of the unwanted font.

3. Remove the profile from the system.


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