How to increase personal productivity and team work: useful services and techniques

For many users of desktop computers, finding an application to improve the productivity of their work that would meet all the necessary requirements is an almost impossible task. In order to facilitate the search, we have selected five new applications from which you can choose the right one for you. The services below are based on various time management techniques, including the Tomato method and Kanban.

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Sunsama (web app): Kanban-based daily to-do list

Sunsama developers position the application as a calendar for organizing teamwork, but it is also an excellent individual diary. If you like services like Trello using the Kanban method (just-in-time organization of workflow, assuming an even load distribution among employees), Sunsama will become your favorite.

Sunsama (web app): Kanban-based daily to-do list

In the application, the calendar is displayed in the form of columns for each day. Add tasks to the necessary columns, move up and down and mark completed tasks. Unfulfilled tasks are automatically transferred to the next day. Add to the reserve tasks that are not scheduled for execution in the first place. If you completed everything planned for the day, just drag the task from the reserve to the appropriate column and proceed with its implementation.

Other functions of Sunsama include assignment of tasks to the group, invitation of team members, integration with Slack corporate messenger, etc.


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Pomotroid (for Windows, Mac, and Linux): The Tomato Principle for Desktop Computers

The Tomato method is a classic time management technique that involves dividing the time it takes to complete a task into 25-minute periods (the so-called “tomatoes”). The task is carried out without interruptions and distractions for 25 minutes, and then follows a 5-minute rest. After four “tomatoes” a break is made for 15-30 minutes.

Pomotroid is one of the most successful incarnations of the Tomato method in the application. Pomotroid can be downloaded completely free without fear of unexpected additional payments. The application boasts a convenient minimalistic design. Just press the “Start / Stop” button to start and stop the timer. Red indicates working hours, green indicates a short break, and blue indicates a long break.

The classic Tomato method involves dividing a task into 25-minute periods with 5-minute breaks, but you can set the timer as you wish.

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Orrange New Tab (extension for Chrome): Make a to-do list directly in the browser

The Chrome browser is known for its productivity enhancements, one of which is the Orrange New Tab. It is a single panel for attaching tasks, email addresses and other objects.

After installation, the extension will ask for synchronization with other services you use, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Todoist, Wunderlist, Trello, Asana, GitHub and Pocket. After synchronization, data from these services will automatically be attached to the Orrange New Tab panel.

Orrange New Tab (extension for Chrome): Make a to-do list directly in the browser

The panel allows you to create a list of tasks using the calendar and set the deadlines for their completion. You can synchronize the extension with your favorite calendar or work management application. A nice bonus is the automatically changing background image.

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FocusMusic.FM (web application): Free radio station to increase productivity

What you hear (or not hear) can have a significant effect on your productivity. Some need background noise to work, while others require absolute silence. If you’re used to working with music, FocusMusic.FM is the perfect option for you.

FocusMusic.FM is a free online radio station whose main task is to select music that allows you to maximize your focus on work. As a rule, a radio station broadcasts instrumental or vocal music without words. You can choose one of three channels broadcasting electronics, downtempo or classic, or turn on the sounds of nature (for example, the sound of rain). In the section “Track Info” you can see the name of the playing track.

FocusMusic.FM (web application): Free radio station to increase productivity

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