How to get 4 months of free Apple Music subscription, and 7 more life hacks

How to get 4 months of free Apple Music subscription, and 7 more life hacks All Apple NEWS

Today, Apple’s streaming service is used by millions of people around the world. This is a huge community where everyone is united by a love of music.
Most of you, too, are among these millions. Every day you put on your headphones and tap on the note icon in your iPhone. And to diversify your experience of using Apple Music, I have collected the coolest and most obvious chips.
One of them is how to get a free 4-month Apple Music * subscription for free.
* For new Apple Music users only.
1. Listen to new music that you will love
Apple Music has a special playlist that automatically compiles music to taste. Apple’s algorithms pick 25 tracks from over 60 million songs, focusing on what you usually listen to.
This playlist is called New Music. To see it, launch Apple Music and go to the “For You” tab.

This playlist is updated once a week at midnight from Thursday to Friday. So every week you get a pack of new music.
2. Equalize the volume of all tracks
It so happens that the songs in the library have different volumes: just the sound was normal, and already on the next track you need to either increase or decrease the volume for comfortable listening.
Apple Music has a volume equalization feature that works automatically. Here’s how to enable it on an iPhone:
Open Settings – Music, then activate the Volume correction switch in the Play section.
On Mac, this option can also be enabled. Launch Apple Music, then Settings – Play from the menu bar and activate the Volume Correction option.

Now you are free from unexpected jumps in volume in different tracks.
3. Include notifications of new albums
This feature notifies you of new albums by your favorite artists.
As soon as the album appears in access, an appropriate notification arrives. By clicking on it, you will immediately be transferred to the track list.
To enable such notifications, open Apple Music on the iPhone, go to the “For You” tab and click on the profile icon in the upper right corner. Next, turn on the “Artists and TV shows” toggle switch in the Notifications section.

Now you will quickly find out about new releases of your favorite artists.
4. Create a playlist of your favorite Apple Music tracks
You can get a unique playlist with your favorite tracks over the past year. This can be done both in the web version of Apple Music, and directly from your smartphone.

Follow this link, log in to Apple Music. Then just click on the “Get My Year Mix” button, and the hundred most listened songs will be added to your library.
A little lower on this page you can collect the same playlist for other years. Remember what you listened to in 2016, for example?
5. Add Apple Music Player to Google Maps on iPhone
Many use their iPhone as a navigator using Google Maps. And in order not to be distracted by switching tracks in Apple Music, you can turn on the widget with the player directly in the navigation interface.
To do this, you need to open the side menu in Google Maps, go along the path Settings – Navigation – Application for playback and select the Apple Music player.

Thank you for the creator of the Google Maps app for this feature.
6. Set any song from Apple Music to the alarm
To wake up to your favorite track, you must have a valid Apple Music subscription.
Now you need to save the desired track on the iPhone for listening without a network connection.

Next, go to the Clock app, Alarm tab. Click Edit, select the desired alarm, then the Melody section and the Select song item.

Now it remains only to find the saved track from the list or using the search. Thus, you can set as many alarms as you like, each with its own song.
7. How to sing along with your favorite artist on iPhone
In Apple Music, you can see the text of almost any song. Thus, you can follow the words and sing along to your favorite artist, even without knowing the words.
Start playing any track in Apple Music, click on the mini player, and then on the comma icon in the lower left corner.

Another feature – you can rewind the text, and the song also scrolls to the place where you stop. Convenient if you want to immediately go to the chorus.
Bonus Get 4 Months Free Apple Music Subscription
It’s no secret that Apple Music is a paid pleasure: 169 rubles. access to millions of tracks per month. If you have not yet decided to subscribe and are waiting for a sign, then here it is.
When you sign up for the first time, Apple gives you the opportunity to use the streaming service for 3 months absolutely free. But there is a life hack that adds another fourth free month. Almost half a year of free use of Apple Music, isn’t this a joy?
To receive such a gift, you need to follow this link and enter your current e-mail. You will immediately receive an email with a promotional code that activates 4 free months of using Apple Music.

For users who have previously spent free 3 months, but have not renewed the subscription for money, one month is provided for free.
If you are already an Apple Music subscriber, this life hack will not work.
Thank you for this promotion: re: Store, the official reseller of Apple technology in Russia. Thanks to him, all new Apple Music users can listen to good music for as long as 4 months absolutely free.

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