How to fix the bad sound of any AirPods on Mac and Windows 10

How to fix the bad sound of any AirPods on Mac and Windows 10 All Apple NEWS

If you connect Bluetooth headphones to a computer on macOS or PC, the sound from them can be terrible like the plugs from the transition for 100 rubles. No one is safe from the problem, but she solved in a few clicks.

When I ran into it myself, I had to delve into English-language sites: in Russian I found help only for macOS.

Here is an instruction on what to do in both cases. It will help everyone who has a Bluetooth headset.

Headphones record and play sound simultaneously

AirPods has two modes: listening and talking. In the second case, the sound quality decreases, because the headphones work on input and output immediately.

This happens when something is trying to record a sound right now. For example, opened in the background of Shazam or a fixed recording of audio messages in the messenger.

Windows 10 can tie additional functionality to the headset, such as “telephone communications,” which I’ll describe as disconnect below.

How to improve AirPods (Pro) sound on macOS

Check and close programs that have access to the microphone:

1. Select Apple menu () -> System settings
2. Click Protection and Security -> Confidentiality
3. Click on the item on the left. Microphone. On the right are programs that can record sound. Do not change anything here
4. Select Apple menu () -> Forcefully complete …
5. Close all open programs that are listed in step 4.

Important. In the window Finish pyrrindly … all open applications are not displayed. If the sound is still bad, close the programs from step 4 in MacOS status bar (where is the clock and charge).

Reconnect the audio output source if the program did not help to close:

1. Select Apple menu () -> System settings
2. Click Sound -> Exit
3. In the list, select Built-in speakersthen again mine Airpods.

Menu entrance in the same settings, turns on the microphone of the selected device. Therefore, clicking on this item immediately reduces the quality of the reproduced sound. Make sure the menu is closed.

How to Improve AirPods (Pro) Sound on Windows 10

Disconnect the “telephone connection” of the device:

1. Go to Control Panel. To do this, on the desktop, click Win + r -> enter “control panel” and click OK
2. Select Equipment and sound -> Devices and Printers
3. Find your headphones in the list of devices and go to their The properties through RMB
4. Click on Services
5. Make sure that Wireless telephone no checkmark

Check and close the programs that use the microphone, if disconnecting the telephone did not help:

1. Select Start -> Parameters
2. Click Confidentiality -> Microphone
3. Scroll to the beginning of the list of applications with access to the microphone. Do not change anything here
4. Open Task Manager keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Escape
5. Close all open programs that are listed in step 4.

As a result, we just turned off the microphone

While this is a noticeable drawback of Bluetooth technology: the headphones sound great only as long as there are the right conditions.

Outgoing sound will deteriorate during recording because the data transfer modes are changing. Because of this, PC headsets are still advised to use wired options.

After turning off the programs that use the microphone, your headphones will shut up for a few seconds, and then the high-quality sound will return to them.

If this does not happen, do not be afraid to contact support. She helps.


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