How to enable translator in Safari on macOS Big Sur

An interesting opportunity for all fans of web surfing with the release of macOS Big Sur (installation instructions and an overview) will be the work of the add-in in Safari, designed to “translate sites on the fly” from one language to another. The built-in translator will help to display the content of the foreign page of the site in our usual Russian language.

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But only in the Big Sur beta version, Russian users were deprived of the opportunity to try this tool. But will regional restrictions stop the curious? You can enable the built-in translator in Safari with just a few clicks.

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How to enable translator mode in Safari on macOS Big Sur

1. To start, run the application “System settings“Of your Mac.

2. Select the “Language and Region“.

3. We’ll have to fool the system a bit by changing the “The main“In the list of”RegionRussia (or another country) to United States of America.

4. Restart Safari to apply the changes.

That’s all. Now you can open any English site, you will see a blue icon of the built-in translator at the end of the address bar. You just need to click on it, and the page will automatically appear in Russian.

How good is Apple Translator compared to Google’s counterpart in Chrome? I must say that in Safari the translation of texts is no worse than that of a competitor, and in some places the subtleties of the language are transmitted even better.

If for you the Safari browser is the main surfing tool and you are already testing the Big Sur in full swing, then activate this feature as soon as possible. She will quickly show her usefulness and effectiveness.

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