How to control Mac from iPhone or iPad (lock, restart, shutdown, sound, browse files, play, etc.)

Your iPhone and Mac can interact with each other in different ways, this allows, for example, to start working on one device and easily switch to another, exchange the clipboard between them, receive phone calls and answer text messages on both. This compatibility looks incredible, but you can make it even better by using third-party freeware.

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By setting up a few settings on your macOS computer and installing a free app from Momentous Studio called Gateway on your Mac and iPhone, you can control your computer remotely from your smartphone. This means you can put your Mac to sleep, lock its screen, restart it, shut it down, mute, change the volume, and more.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed step-by-step instructions.

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Download Gateway Desktop for Mac

The first half of the Gateway software is a desktop client that you can download for free from the Momentous Studio website or the link below. The app is not available in the Mac App Store, so you’ll have to download it yourself from the developer’s site. Please note that the program only works on macOS 10.13 High Sierra and newer.

Download Gateway Desktop for Mac (Free)

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Install Gateway Desktop for Mac

Double-click on the DMG file you just downloaded (it should be in the Downloads folder) to start the installation process. When the disk image opens in a new window, drag the icon Gateway Desktop to folder Applications (“Programs”).

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

Now in the folder “Programs” double click the icon Gateway Desktop… Since this software is from a third party, Apple will ask you if you are sure you want to open it. Click on Next, to continue.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

If you see a message like this when trying to install the application: “The application cannot be opened because the developer could not be verified.” (or something similar), then follow these instructions to install.

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Give Gateway Desktop full Mac access

On first launch Gateway Desktop the app guides you through several information windows. The last one will ask a question about granting some permissions. First of all, the application needs to provide Full Disk Access… To grant such rights, click on the arrow button.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

The system settings “Protection and safety“.

If instead you press “Next”, you can go to manual settings. Before doing this, click on the icon Gateway Desktop on the Mac menu bar, then click the ellipsis (•••) and select “Quit”… If you do it now, you will not be asked to do it later.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

Open “System settings“, Then click”Protection and safety“. Make sure you are on the “Confidentiality“, Select the item”Disk access»On the left panel. If the settings are locked, click on the padlock in the lower left corner, enter the user password and click “Remove protection»For the possibility of making changes.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

If you don’t see Gateway Desktop in the list of applications, click the icon “+”, find and select Gateway Desktop, select “Open” and make sure the checkbox next to the program is checked.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

Without closing the privacy settings window, grant access Gateway Desktop in section Universal access… To do this, select Universal access on the left pane of the same tab, then check Gateway Desktop on the list. If it is not there, click the “+ “, select Gateway Desktop in folder Programs and press “Open”

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

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Restart Gateway Desktop

For the above settings to take effect, restart Gateway Desktop – close and reopen the application from the folder “Programs”

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Specify a password for remote access to Mac and set the program to automatically load at system startup (optional)

Open Gateway Desktop on Mac and click on its icon in the menu bar, then click on the ellipsis (•••) and select Settings.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

In the window that opens in the tab General check the box next to Launch on startup to add an application Gateway Desktop to startup (optional).

Then go to the tab Security and enter your password in the only field. This step is also not necessary, as you do not necessarily need a password to access. But this provides an additional layer of security, so it is recommended to do so.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

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Install the Gateway by Momentous Studio app on your iPhone or iPad

On the Mac side, almost everything is done, now it’s time to install the Gateway by Momentous Studio app on your iPhone or iPad (link below). While the desktop app is not available in the Mac App Store, the iPhone and iPad app is present in the App Store. The program requires iOS 13.2 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download Gateway by Momentous Studio for iPhone and iPad (Free)

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Select Mac in Gateway Control app on iPhone or iPad

Open the Gateway app on your iPhone or iPad and wait for your Mac to appear in the list. If you don’t see it, make sure your Mac and iPhone (iPad) are on the same Wi-Fi network, then try again. Your Mac’s name and IP address will be listed when the device is detected. Click on it and you will be prompted for a password and click Connect (Connect)… If you haven’t set a password, just click Connect without entering a password.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

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How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

When you access your Mac from an iPhone (iPad) app, you will see the system’s remote control on the home page of the mobile app. With this tool you can perform the following actions.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

Note, however, that if you select certain features, you will need to grant Gateway Desktop additional rights to your Mac. Only then can these functions be used (more on that below).

  • Sleep: The Mac screen will go to sleep without being locked.
  • Restart: The computer will restart.
  • Lock Screen: The screen will be locked and password protected.
  • Shut Down: The Mac will shut down completely.
  • Mute: Mutes the sound from the computer.
  • Volume: This slider allows you to adjust the volume of the sound from the computer.

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Add additional controls for your Mac

The main functions of remote control have been indicated above. If you don’t mind spending some money, then pay attention to the shopping cart icon when browsing the store Gateway Store… Here you will find one-time purchases called Blocks that enhance your remote access options. Some of them are free

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

  • Screenshots (free): Take screenshots on Mac with one tap on the iPhone or iPad screen.
  • VLC (free): Control playback in VLC Player app.
  • Force quit (Free): Lets you immediately close running or minimized apps on Mac with a single tap on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Affinity Designer (RUB 75): Speed ​​up your Affinity Designer editor workflow with existing or future shortcuts.
  • Affinity Photo (RUB 75): Speeds up your Affinity Photo editor workflow with existing or future shortcuts.
  • Affinity Publisher (RUB 75): Speed ​​up your Affinity Publisher workflow with existing or future shortcuts.
  • Apple Music (Free): Provides Apple Music playback controls.
  • DaVinci Resolve (RUB 75): Speed ​​up your DaVinci Resolve editing application workflow with existing or future shortcuts.
  • Files + QuickLaunch (£ 3.99): Provides unlimited access to Mac files through the Files app and lets you open your favorite files with a tap.
  • Final Cut Pro (RUB 75: Speed ​​up your Final Cut Pro video editor workflow with existing or future shortcuts.
  • Logic Pro X (RUB 75): Speed ​​up your Logic Pro X editor workflow with existing or future shortcuts.
  • Podcasts (free): Provides podcast playback controls.
  • Spotify (RUB 75): Provides playback controls in the Spotify app.
  • In the near future, we can expect the appearance of new block widgets.

After adding blocks, you will see them on the main Mac System Management screen. You can tap the blocks icon at the top to view them all in a short list. In it, you can also drag items to change the order of their display on the remote control. Click on Doneto exit these settings.

How to control a Mac with an iPhone or iPad

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Grant Gateway Desktop additional rights

We will not go into the details of how each control or block works, but it should be borne in mind that for some of them to work, you will need to give the application more rights on the Mac. In particular, System Events (System events) for Automations (Automation), which are needed to control interface elements by simulating keyboard and mouse actions.

Whenever you first encounter one of these apps, you are prompted on your Mac to grant access to it. To do this, just press OK… You can see the granted rights along the way: System settings → Protection and safety → Confidentiality → Automation… Once you grant a block a permission once, it will remain in effect for any subsequent use.

Momentous Studios assures that it does not store any data or user requests. According to the developers, “all data is stored locally on your devices», But you can read the privacy policy for more information.

For now, the only downside to Gateway is that your iPhone (iPad) and Mac must be on the same Wi-Fi wireless network. But there is the ability to connect to Mac via SSH (Secure Shell) remotely from the iOS application.

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