How to change the icon (icon) of a shortcut in Windows 10

The icons were designed to provide the ability to quickly visually identify an object on a computer. But sometimes the icon in Windows 10 turns out to be so impersonal and uninformative that it is of little use. It’s good that the operating system allows you to simply change the icon. Here’s how to do it.

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Find the shortcut where you need to change the icon. The object can be located directly on the desktop, or you need to go to it using “Explorer”… Right click on the shortcut and select “Properties”

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In the object properties window, make sure you are on the tab “Label”, and then click there the “Change icon …“.

How to change the image on the label

The Change Icon window appears, with a box containing a list of icons available for use with this shortcut. By default, the source of icons is a Windows system file named imageres.dll. If you want to use an icon other than the default ones, you can click the button “Overview…” and select either EXE, DLL, or ICO. In fact, you can use any image you like in this capacity, you just need to first convert it into the ICO format. And after downloading the file, you will see new icons in the list that you can use to denote a shortcut.

How to change the image on the label

Regardless of whether you have selected one of the default or added items, just click OK

How to change the image on the label

Now, in the shortcut properties window, you can see that the icon has changed to the one you selected. Click on Applyto save the settings.

Congratulations! Your shortcut has acquired a new icon. Feel free to install whatever icons you want. This will give the operating system more personality.

How to change the image on the label

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