How to Bookmark Tweets to Twitter for Easy Retrieval

Function “Bookmarks” was launched on Twitter back in 2018. The tool allows you to save content to read or view later. Twitter is literally flooded with news publications containing links to long articles in various publications, and there is not always time to read them.

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It can be inconvenient to save interesting tweets to favorites because of their content. The heart-shaped button suggests that you approve the post. However, just because a tweet is interesting to you and you want to come back to it later does not mean that you agree with its content. With the “Bookmarks” function, you can save the tweets you are interested in to view them when no one and nothing will bother you, without adding to your favorites.

Previously, in order to save tweets without “liking” them, Twitter users sent them to themselves in private messages, saved links to them in applications like Notepad or in drafts in email, opened them in new tabs, and so on. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary as the Bookmarks feature allows you to keep tweets private.

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How to Bookmark Tweets on Twitter

In order to use the function, click on the “Share this», Which is to the right of the heart-shaped button. A menu of options will open, including allowing you to send a tweet or save to “Bookmarks”

How to Bookmark Tweets on Twitter

You can view saved tweets by sliding the screen from left to right and selecting the appropriate section in the menu that opens.

How to Bookmark Tweets on Twitter

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How to remove tweets from Twitter Bookmarks

To remove a tweet from Bookmarks, click on the button Share this and select item Remove from bookmarks

How to remove tweets from Twitter Bookmarks

In addition, by clicking on the ellipsis in the upper right corner, you can remove from Bookmarks all tweets at once.

How to remove tweets from Twitter Bookmarks

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