How do I add a title and description to photos on a Mac and why do it?

Today we store so many photos that we no longer have time or simply do not want to organize them. And even more so, few people are involved in signing pictures and detailing their descriptions. If you are going to do this, then the best way is to add information to the photos themselves. Adding titles and descriptions to the Photos app on Mac on your files enables you to efficiently manage your media library.

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Why add a title and descriptions to photos?

Each of your photos contains data such as the date the picture was taken, the type of device used, and, optionally, the location.

The name of the photo and its description are details that the user can manually add. They can be very useful.

Firstly, the names and descriptions can greatly facilitate the search. If you enter a keyword in the search field, the Photos application will find images and videos that contain this keyword in the name and description, and you can also search by date and location.

Secondly, you will have an easy way to remember what is shown in the photo or video. For example, you can add a description of the photo, which at first glance may not be obvious. This is especially useful when years pass, and more and more personal photos gradually accumulate.

Another example would be the use of names and descriptions for work photographs, logos and related images. This will make it possible to share similar images. Creating a heading like “Preliminary logo 1” with the description “This is the last logo used before the business combination” can greatly help in the future search.

These are just a few reasons why creating titles and descriptions for your photos and videos is beneficial. So, how to add these details to the Photos app on Mac.

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How to add titles and descriptions for photos in “Photos”

Open the Photos app on your Mac and first select the pictures or videos you want to process. Then follow these steps to add a title and / or description.

How to add titles and descriptions for photos in “Photos”

1. After selecting a photo or video, right-click on it and select “Properties” or click the icon “Information” (small letter “i”) on the application toolbar “Photo”.

How to add titles and descriptions for photos in

2. A small window appears with metadata for this item. Click on the “Add title“And enter the title you want to use. Then do the same with the “add description“.

How to add titles and descriptions for photos in

3. When you’re done, just click “×”to close the window “Intelligence”.

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Search by title or description

As already mentioned, adding a title and / or description to your photos and videos can help if you want to find a specific file instance.

Using field “Search” at the top of the application “Photo” Enter the keyword you used in the title or description.

A list of the photos found will appear, with the results that are most relevant to the request appear at the top. But you will also see results based on where this keyword was found. If you set, for example, “ball” in the search field, then both the pictures with this word in the file name and the name or description found with this word in the field will be shown.

How to add titles and descriptions for photos in

And although you are likely to eventually forget all the names and descriptions that were previously given to photos and videos, you can always remember some kind of search keyword. In addition, photos can be tagged with keywords.

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How to show assigned headers, not file names

Another nice feature of adding names in the “Photo” is that you can see by default not the file name, but the names themselves.

If you don’t see the names or file names under the photos and videos, then setting this up is easy.

Click View Metadataand then click “Headings“. A checkmark will appear next to this element, and you will see the names given by you next to the photos.

How to add titles and descriptions for photos in

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Adding captions and descriptions to your photos and videos, if it doesn’t seem necessary right now, may come in handy later when you search for specific media files. Starting with iOS 14, adding a caption to photos appeared on the iPhone, and a description field will be used for these purposes. So if you start using this tool now on a Mac, you can be one step ahead!

And will you spend your time and add photo names and descriptions to them? Or do you think that this makes no sense, and somehow otherwise sort and organize your pictures?

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