Hidden Vkontakte friends: how to hide or how to see hidden friends?

Social media is a modern phenomenon that shouldn’t be fought, but you should be able to use it. By registering, we plunge into the personal life of other people, but we also often flaunt ours. True, over time, there may be a need to restrict access to your personal information. There are many cases of cybercriminals using posts on social networks. Even a list of VKontakte friends can provide certain information about both you and your social circle. Fortunately, the social network allows you to hide certain (of your choice) friends from prying eyes. Here’s how to do it.

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How to hide VKontakte friends?

Fortunately, the social network itself has this opportunity. Vkontakte offers a popular opportunity to hide your friends from the general list – no one will know that you are an acquaintance of a certain person.

You can hide VKontakte friends using the built-in tools, without resorting to the help of extraneous services. Open your profile page Vkontakte and go to the section “My settings“. This can be done using a direct link. In the right column, select the section “Privacy»Or click on the direct link. In section “My page“Find the item”Who is visible in the list of my friends and subscriptions“. By default, there is the parameter “All friends“. If you click on this option, a list of your friends will be displayed. By putting a check mark next to one of them, you can hide it from the general list.

But you can do the opposite by moving the slider “Show selected”(It will appear on the first selection). Such an operation will display only the friends you tagged in the public list. It remains only after choosing people to show or hide them, press the button “Save changes“.

True, the social network VKontakte imposes certain restrictions – you can hide no more than 30 of your friends.

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How to see hidden friends on VKontakte?

Naturally, not everyone likes it, because you want to know all the ins and outs about the person you are interested in. Previously, there were even certain web services that used their own algorithms and revealed hidden friends, their number and names for a given VKontakte profile. But the social network has gradually closed these loopholes – now such services have turned out to be useless.

Still there is a way to at least know is the person hiding someone from their friend list… This possibility is not striking in its depth, answering only in monosyllables “yes” or “no”, but, unfortunately, without disclosing names

The essence of a simple method is to add the number of men and women on the list, and then subtract the number of friends shown from it.

Go to the page of the person you are interested in and go to his “Friends” list. At the top, next to the All Friends item, the total number of friends will be shown. At the end of the “Find Friends” line, click on the “Options” button. Filter only “Women” and remember the number, and then similarly see how many male friends are shown. Add the two numbers and compare to the one shown next to All Friends. However, this information is relative, because the list may not show blocked or frozen profiles, in which gender is simply not taken into account.

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