Hidden correspondence on iPhone: how to create a secret chat without using instant messengers

Nobody wants outsiders to know about the contents of the secret letter. Moreover, not everyone wants to advertise the very fact of their correspondence. But iOS and iPadOS already have the required tools to hide their email communications. These systems will help make sure that no one knows about your correspondence.

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How to create a secret chat on iPhone or iPad without using third-party apps

1. To implement an almost spyware function, you need a standard application “Notes“While synchronizing notes with iCloud should be enabled along the way Settings → Your Name → iCloud

ICloud Settings

And set the Notes switch to Included

ICloud Notes sync settings

2. Open the Notes application, open the folder page and select a folder All iCloud (or any other in the iCloud section).

3. Create a new note.

Create a note in iCloud

4. Enter a title for the note and click the button with the three dots in the circle. In the menu that appears, select “Share this note”

Hidden correspondence on iPhone

5. Send an invitation to another chat user in any convenient way. Of course the recipient of the message must be a mobile device from Apple and also sync notes with iCloud enabled

Hidden correspondence on iPhone

As a matter of fact, that’s the whole trick. What you write will not be displayed in messengers or in e-mail, but will appear automatically in the user’s note. Feedback is done in the same way.

This is how the hidden chat looks in notes on iPhone and iPad (for convenience, start each new message on a new line, for example, using a dash):

Hidden correspondence on iPhone

6. To disable all possible notifications about new messages in the secret chat, press the button with three dots in a circle and select “Manage Shared Note “

Hidden correspondence on iPhone

7. Install the switch “Hide notifications” into position Included

Hidden correspondence on iPhone

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