Google Travel: Flights, Hotels, Routes, and City Tours in One Site

In the spring of 2019, Google announced the integration of its own services for travelers – the Google Trips mobile application, the Google Flights airline ticket search service, a branded hotel search engine and a number of other developments. The single portal is called Trips (Travel).

Service Google travel posted at He offers everyone to plan a trip: indicate the destination and see the most current offers on plane tickets, hotel places, read travel guides, get acquainted with special offers, etc. And after ordering a ticket – it doesn’t matter through the Google portal or not – Google travel They will offer the opportunity to view reservation confirmations, useful trip information and display this data next to weather information.

In addition, when tracking prices for flights through Google, the Travel website will additionally display information on price changes.

Google Travel Flights & Flights

Finally, Google Travel has a detailed display of hotels (data from and other services) that you have already viewed – in case you still need a place to sleep.

Google Travel. Hotels

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