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Found a way to enable adult channels in Telegram 🍓

Are you 18+ or more? Not enough strawberries in your life or just think any manifestations of censorship are superfluous? Then this news is for you.

In the latest Telegram update for macOS and Windows applications, a new setting appeared: Turn off restrictions.

Warningthat to enable this setting is only at your own peril and risk, understanding all the consequences and limitations of the country in which you use Telegram. Officially, we do not advise you to do this.

Who weighed the pros and cons, keep the instructions.

How to enable access to adult channels in Telegram

Disabling piquant content restrictions is available in the menu. Settings -> Confidentiality under the line Sensitive materials:

What the new setup does: includes access to all Telegram channels that publish obscene adult content. Not necessarily with the same “strawberry”: earlier, the “ban” included harmless or informative channels discussing intimate issues.

Why don’t I have such a setting?

At the moment, the function appeared only in the Telegram client for the desktop OS, which is distributed on the official messenger website. The client from the App Store or the Microsoft Store will not work.

You can see such channels ONLY with Windows or macOS. The setting will not allow access to sensitive channels from the iOS version of the Telegram client. Apple prohibits such conditions for placing applications on the App Store, which is absolutely logical.

Even if the setting is turned on, adult channels will not appear in search. It is possible to find and add them only manually by clicking on the link to the channel on the Internet.

What to do with this information, decide for yourself.

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