Equalizer: add bass (bass) when listening to music on iPhone and iPad

One of the main significant innovations in the global music industry in recent years is the emergence of the Apple Music service, thanks to which millions of music lovers have the opportunity to quickly find and listen to their favorite music. To help listeners, a huge number of various auxiliary devices are also produced: from the simplest headphones to external speakers and speakers.

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Each of these accessories has its own unique sound, and therefore sometimes there is a desire to customize the playback for yourself. In this article we will show you how to use the equalizer, in particular, to adjust the low frequencies (bass) on your iPhone or iPad.

Each “apple” gadget has its own equalizer, changing the settings of which, you can adjust the sound of the device for yourself. This is how you can adjust the bass level. But before proceeding with the settings, you should turn on the music in the background so that you can hear all the changes in the sound when you update certain parameters.

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How to adjust the bass (bass) sound on iPhone and iPad

1. Run on the device Settings and enter the section Music;

2. Find and open the equalizer settings;

3. Click on the “More low “

How to adjust the bass (bass) sound on iPhone and iPad

How to adjust the bass (bass) sound on iPhone and iPad

Actually, that’s all. If during the above manipulations the music plays in the background, the changes will be heard immediately. It should also be noted that setting this parameter makes the bass sound more distinct, but not louder.

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