Emoji on Mac: 4 easy ways to use emoticons on macOS

Add emoji emoticons to the text on iPhone and iPad is very simple – choose the right keyboard and voila! What can not be said when working on a Mac. In this article we will talk about the easiest ways to insert emoticons into text in macOS.

There is no emoji on the standard Mac keyboard, and since you are so much an avid emoticon lover, it’s time to buy an Emoji Keyboard and never again be tormented. But if such a purchase does not suit, then there are several easy ways to solve this problem.

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Using a macOS virtual keyboard with emoji

macOS has a full-time keyboard, stuffed with all sorts of icons. To quickly launch it, use the key combination Command (⌘) + Control (⌃) + Space, well, if you remember such a shortcut for you it seems a difficult task, then simply start the menu in each application EditEmoji and characters.

Using a macOS virtual keyboard with emoji

Alternatively go to the menu  → System settings … → Keyboard and in the “Keyboard” tab and check the box next to “Show the Keyboard and Emoji panels in the menu bar”.

System Preferences, Keyboard section on macOS

Using a macOS virtual keyboard with emoji

After that, in the menu bar, all that remains is to tap on the language switching icon and select “Show Emoji & Symbols panel“.

Using a macOS virtual keyboard with emoji

To launch an extended version of the keyboard, rather than a compact menu, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the menu with symbols. A much larger list of emojis and characters will appear.

Using a macOS virtual keyboard with emoji

Using a macOS virtual keyboard with emoji

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Set replacement settings

If you use only a couple of your favorite emojis, then it’s time to set up auto-replacement of some words or phrases for emoticons. To do this, open the menu  → System Settings … → Keyboard and in the tab “Text” In the lower left corner, click the plus sign to create a new shortcut.

System Preferences, Keyboard section on macOS

MacOS keyboard replacement options

In field “Replace“Enter the source word or a convenient combination of letters, and in the field”Replaced by»Insert the emoticon of interest (use the already learned combination Command (⌘) + Control (⌃) + Space)

MacOS keyboard replacement options

From now on “! Smile”, the system will automatically replace the word with the corresponding smiley.

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Copy and paste

The simplest method of “copy-paste” has not yet been canceled. You can easily find the emoticon of interest on the network, copy and paste it anywhere. For those who are interested in truly unique emojis or just a huge list of emoticons, welcome to the GetEmoji website.

Website with emoji on mac

There is a giant list of icons sorted by thematic category, and convenient search by name or key description.

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Installing third-party applications

Emoji apps on macOS

Use the paid or free apps from the Mac App Store to conveniently work with emojis and emoticons. Emoji and Emoji + are good options, but this is if there is a desire and the opportunity to fork out. There is also a considerable amount of free alternatives. Just search the Mac App Store for emoji.

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