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DISCOUNT (749r → 379r) Inspire Pro – one of the best drawing programs on the iPad + examples of use

An apple tablet is, without a doubt, the most popular mobile device among digital painting enthusiasts, and for good reason. In the App Store, you can easily find a lot of drawing applications, many of which have enough functionality to create full-fledged masterpieces.

Download Inspire Pro for iPad (App Store)

One of such programs – Inspire Pro, is based on the Sorcery proprietary module, which provides the highest brush speed without any visible delay on devices with 64-bit processors. This makes the drawing process not only faster, but also more comfortable, and the user’s movements more accurate.

Inspire Pro - One of the Best iPad Paint Programs

Naturally, in a good drawing application, a set of high-quality brushes should be implemented, and in Inspire Pro they are in full order. The basic kit includes 80 tools, including wet and dry color blur brushes, crayons, markers, pencils, charcoal and more. Separately, it is worth noting algorithms that realistically simulate oil paint.

Inspire Pro - One of the Best iPad Paint Programs

In Inspire Pro, you can create canvases of enormous size (up to 64 megapixels), while the program remembers up to 1000 user actions, which allows you to “roll back” the picture to the appropriate number of levels. There is also a function for recording video in HD-quality (1080p). Another bonus from developers is the iMessage plugin, which turns text messaging into a sketch exchange.

Inspire Pro - One of the Best iPad Paint Programs

Examples of using the Inspire Pro application:

Having the broadest functionality, the application pleases with a simple and intuitive interface, for working with which you do not have to study the user manual. You can start creating pictures immediately after downloading Insire Pro to your iPad from the App Store using the link below.

Download Inspire Pro for iPad (App Store)
Download Inspare for iPhone (App Store)

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