Compare iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Compare iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra All Apple NEWS

Currently, there are many large-screen smartphones on the market. These are far from always flagship decisions. So the Galaxy S20 Ultra output became an opportunity to get not only the largest smartphone released by the South Korean manufacturer, but also the most powerful. Apple has its own answer to a similar trend. iPhone 11 Pro Max is also ready to meet the requirements of users who like “shovels”. The confrontation between the two flagships can really be considered heavy – both have their own advantages and are ready to present their “muscles”.

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Which is better: iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

It was difficult for competitors to resist the huge iPhone 11 Pro Max. Samsung took its step by introducing the new Galaxy S20 series. It highlights the 6.9-inch giant S20 Ultra, which received a high-capacity battery, 100x digital zoom and even support for 5G networks.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro. Price

When comparing the prices of the two flagships, there is no difference between them. The minimum price on the Galaxy S20 Ultra 128 GB is 99,990 rubles, which corresponds to the cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB. Note that the minimum configuration of the flagship Samsung provides 128 GB of internal memory (+ the ability to increase due to the use of a memory card up to 1 TB), which is twice as much as the base characteristic of 64 GB from Apple.

Performance and memory Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 +

The high cost of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is explained by the presence of an additional camera, a high-capacity battery and support for 5G networks. At the same cost for the two devices being compared, Samsung’s smartphone looks preferable to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra VS iPhone 11 Pro Max: 5G vs 4G

When it comes to cellular data rates, the S20 Ultra is heading for the future, leaving the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the past. Yes, Samsung has equipped the S20 Ultra with two 5G connectivity options: mmWave and sub-6GHz.

For comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro Max reaches its maximum speed with 4G (LTE). Work on 5G networks on the iPhone will be possible with the release of the new flagship, but this will not happen until September 2020.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max, design, colors, ports

It is difficult to talk about design features if a phone of such a large size will be difficult to hold in any case. But for now, it can be noted that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is slightly narrower than its competitor, albeit longer. Holding Samsung’s flagship will be a little more convenient.

Dimensions Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max

On the other hand, it seems that using the S20 Ultra is clearly more difficult – since the fingers will have to work with a larger area. Fortunately, specifically for this situation, the Samsung One UI 2 interface focuses the main interactive elements at the bottom of the screen, where they are within the reach of the fingers of even a small palm. On the iPhone, the “Easy Access” function is responsible for this, allowing you to lower the iOS interface down half the screen.

If you are not going to use a case, then note that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is offered in only two colors: black and gray:

Colors Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

In turn, the iPhone 11 Pro Max comes in four colors: space gray, silver, gold and dark green:

Colors of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Both smartphones received massive modules of the main cameras. The group of four cameras in the Galaxy S20 Ultra is pronounced, while the block of three cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro Max against this background seems more restrained.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra uses the very popular USB-C connector to charge, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max still works with the Apple Lightning port, even if the European Union is trying to change that. It is unlikely that the owners of Apple technology have the prospect of changing the cable (and this already happened with the 30-pin connector) will inspire. Nevertheless, for the average user, the universal ability to use one USB-C cable for several devices will be pleasant. The optional Lightning cable only messes up.

Both the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 pro Max lack a 3.5 mm headphone jack – manufacturers are increasingly aggressively imposing the use of wireless solutions.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max displays comparison

The 6.9-inch AMOLED panel with QHD resolution (3,200 × 1,440 pixels) in the Galaxy S20 Ultra is probably the best solution on the market, at least until the next iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The 2019 flagship is equipped with a 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR screen with a resolution of 2,688 × 1,242 pixels.

Display iPhone Pro Max

The biggest difference between the screens of the two flagships is that the S20 Ultra boasts a refresh rate of 120 Hz for maximum smooth scrolling (but not for maximum resolution). iPhone 11 Pro Max has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is quite sufficient in the work of smartphones on iOS. However, it is obvious that increased frequency clearly improves perception. You can verify this on the basis of another popular Apple product – iPad Pro, which has ProMotion technology, which allows you to automatically adjust the refresh rate of the screen to 120 Hz.

Moreover, for the screen of the flagship smartphone, Samsung by default selects a more neutral color palette relative to that provided in the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The South Korean manufacturer provides an opportunity for its users to establish an ultra-saturated color balance, which makes the shades incredibly bright.

In terms of pixel density, the S20 Ultra wins with 511 ppi; the picture will be a little sharper than on the screen with 458 ppi in the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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What is the difference between the Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras and the iPhone 11 Pro Max

The stunning cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro Max take great pictures, but Samsung tried to get around the opponent with effective marketing solutions. It is no coincidence that the question arises: “How many megapixels are there enough to get a high-quality photograph?”

The array of four Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras on the rear panel has a camera with a record 108-megapixel resolution. The selfie camera in front got the opportunity to take 40 MP frames. In addition, larger sensors can capture more detail and light.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras

The Ultra model stands out even among its S20 brothers with its zoom lens, which provides 10x optical zoom. IPhone owners can only envy this. In addition, Samsung introduced Space Zoom technology, which combines hardware and software to form a “hybrid optical zoom” and zoom up to 100x.

At the same time, owners of the iPhone 11 Pro Max will continue to rejoice, taking off the rear 12-megapixel cameras from the triple block.

IPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max cameras

The main camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the same f / 1.8 focal length indicator as in the S20 Ultra.

The telephoto lens of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a better (lower) focal length index of 2.0 compared to the S20 Ultra and its f / 3.5.

The ultra-wide Galaxy S20 Ultra lens has better f / 2.2 performance compared to f / 2.4 on the iPhone.

In addition, the S20 Ultra is equipped with a fourth camera, dubbed Depth gauge, which allows you to more realistic blur the background in portrait mode.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra also benefits in video recording quality, allowing you to shoot at 8K resolution. The iPhone 11 Pro Max still maximizes only 4K shooting.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max performance comparison

Performance and memory Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 +

Samsung will certainly hasten to assure everyone that the company’s new flagship is the fastest on the market. That’s just the current model of Apple 2019 looks still preferable. From the test leak for the S20 line and its processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 managed to find out about the result of 3230 points on the multi-core Geekbench 5 test.

Meanwhile, the Apple A13 chip from the iPhone 11 Pro Max is still ahead of that figure – 3,517 points.

Processor iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

But it is believed that Samsung and Qualcomm should spend these months handicap to at least catch up with Apple, if not surpass.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max battery life comparison

Samsung has not announced specific battery life figures for the S20 Ultra. But it can be assumed that the battery capacity of 5,000 mAh will provide the Korean smartphone longer operation in comparison with the iPhone 11 Pro Max (3 969 mAh).

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Water resistant Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Water resistant Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Both smartphones received IP68 protection against dust and moisture, and the manufacturer Galaxy S20 Ultra does not recommend using the smartphone in salt water (sea, ocean) and the pool.

Samsung allows the Galaxy S20 Ultra to dive deep into 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Apple allows the iPhone 11 Pro Max to go deeper into 4 meters for no more than 30 minutes.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max. Specifications

Galaxy S20 Ultra iPhone 11 Pro Max
starting price 99 990 rubles (128 GB version) 99 990 rubles (version 64 GB)
Display 6.9-inch QHD AMOLED (3,200 × 1,440 pixels) with 120 Hz support 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR (2 688 × 1 242 pixels)
Main cameras 4 cameras: main 108 MP (f / 1.8), 48 MP telephoto with 10x zoom (f / 3.5), 12 MP ultra wide angle (f / 2.2), depth sensor 3 cameras: main 12 MP (f / 1.8), 12 MP telephoto (f / 2.0), 12 MP ultra wide angle (f / 2.4)
Front-camera 40 MP (f / 2.2) 12 MP (f / 2.2)
Work in cellular networks 5G (mmWave, Sub-6GHz) 4G LTE
Video up to 8K resolution with 24 frames / s up to 4K resolution with 60 frames / s
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Apple A13 Bionic
RAM 12/16 GB 4 GB
Storage 128 GB / 512 GB 64 GB / 256GB / 512 GB
Memory cards MicroSD support up to 1 TB Not
Battery 5,000 mAh 3 969 mAh
Dimensions 166.9 × 76 × 8.8 mm 158 × 77.8 × 8.1 mm
Weight 220 g 226 g

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The Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone is better in terms of autonomy and photo quality relative to Apple’s rival, but the dominant victory of one device over another did not work, the difference so far looks minimal.

Of the advantages of the iPhone 11 Pro Max can highlight a variety of colors and performance.

In addition, the device of the South Korean manufacturer has its trump cards in terms of general aesthetics and connectivity. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is better in the hand, has a sharper and smoother screen, and if 5G networks are already deployed next to you, then the choice of the S20 Ultra seems much more obvious.

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