Can I add or replace random access memory (RAM) on my Mac: how to find out

The range of Apple computer products is quite large. Old models go down in history, leaving room for new, more advanced ones. The company’s laptops and desktops are very popular, being updated almost every year. But users are not always ready to change their usual gadget for a new one.

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There is enough performance, why not extend the life of your computer by simply increasing its RAM? And if it is easier to do it in a computer, then with a laptop the process becomes non-trivial. In addition, recently Apple no longer supports the upgrade of RAM in its laptops.

Now many Macs (mainly laptops) come with RAM soldered directly to the motherboard. At this point, it will not be possible to pull out one bar from the slot and put another one instead. Sometimes it is useful to know if it is possible to upgrade the RAM in a laptop or not. This is especially critical in the case of purchasing a MacBook from hands or in a store, when there is simply no time for a thorough study of the technical documentation for this model.

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How do you know if you can add or replace RAM on a Mac (iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac mini, etc.) and how many RAM slots are there?

But there is a simple solution that allows you to get the required information. Just click on the Apple logo () in the upper left corner and open the “About it Mac“.

About this Mac

The Memory tab is present

Check if there is a tab in the window that appears “Memory“.

How to find out how much RAM is installed on a Mac

If it is missing, then on this Mac the memory is soldered directly to the motherboard and there is no opportunity for an upgrade.

How to know if you can add or replace RAM on a Mac

Memory tab missing

If this tab is available in the window “About it Mac“You can draw a conclusion about the potential for replacement of RAM and see the number of occupied and free slots of RAM.

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