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Black and white screen on iPhone: how to do it and why is it needed?

Our iPhones have many unknown, but simple functions that help improve the work with the device. Some of these features have been present in smartphones for a long time, we just don’t know about them or forgot about them.

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What is it for?

Reason 1

In the eighth version of iOS, the iPhone appeared mode Grayscale. Psychologists consider his presence important, because it helps to combat smartphone addiction. In 2016, Americans spent 2.5 to 4 hours every day on their phone.

Black and white screen on iPhone: how to do it and why is it needed?

With the help of bright colors, nature draws attention to certain objects. So a bright screen with many shades invariably attracts you. Ancient incentives that are obscure to us are activated in us, which make us stare at the display of smart devices for hours. Color pictures there promise a lot of interesting things. But turning on the black and white mode immediately destroys all the magic. The iPhone no longer looks like a bait, which is not a pity for its time … and we often use it only for its intended purpose.

Black and white screen on iPhone: how to do it and why is it needed?

Journalist Megan Holstein devoted an entire article to her experience of turning off color on the iPhone. She described the whole gamut of her emotions. At first, the woman felt relieved, but with it anxiety. Looking at the iPhone screen, she began to feel as if the house was sorely lacking in light. But gradually Megan began to pay attention to the colors surrounding her, they seemed to have become brighter. The journalist wanted to go out more often and enjoy the world. It turns out that there are bright colors around us.

Black and white screen on iPhone: how to do it and why is it needed?

After a while, Megan Holstein even decided to review her whole life. So ridiculous to spend hours of time on Instagram and other applications. The journalist finished the experiment and returned the full color scheme to the iPhone. However, now she began to seem excessively bright. Then Megan decided to permanently return to the black and white shades of the screen.

Reason 2

This mode (as well as the Dark theme in iOS) significantly saves battery power. Why this is happening and on which iPhone it works, we talked about in this article.

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How to make iPhone screen black and white

Making an iPhone screen image black and white is not so difficult. For this, follow the path Settings → Accessibility → Display and text size.

How to make iPhone screen black and white

Find the section “Filters” and activate the corresponding switch.

How to make iPhone screen black and white

By default it will be offered to include the filter Grayscale. If it is not activated, then it can be selected manually, like any other. Color filters are also available, such as blue and yellow.

How to make iPhone screen black and white

Changing the color filter option used on the iPhone may have one or another psychological effect, but it certainly does not affect the performance of the device itself.

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