Apps for Instagram: 30 of the best

Instagram is the best platform for anyone looking to share their photos online. But when it comes to editing images, this service, of course, cannot be considered a leader.

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Programs for preparing photos and videos on Instagram: TOP 30

Instagram has long outgrown the usual photo posting platform. Today, it is a global social network that promotes goods and services, provides live broadcasts and active communication. This imposes an increased requirement for the posted content.

Not everyone can afford to post a photo on Instagram as “as is”. In order to achieve the desired result, it is better to pre-process the pictures. Of course, heavyweight professional software packages for a computer are capable of solving most problems, but sometimes users need efficiency, mobility, and just one particular function.

Below is a list of simple but effective applications that can be useful to an active Instagram user.

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Programs for basic photo processing before publishing on Instagram


Best Photo Editors for Instagram on iPhone and Android: Top 30

This application was developed by Google itself. The program received more than 20 tools for working with images, as well as a whole group of fairly high-quality filters. Thus, the user gets a rather powerful mobile tool that allows you to work even with small details of photos.

The main advantage of Snapseed is its selection and brush editing tools. They allow you to change specific sections in your photo, rather than just apply new settings to the entire photo at once. In other words, if you overexpose a particular subject, you can only change that subject, and leave the brightness and exposure unchanged for the rest of the picture.

Snapseed includes a variety of filters and other additional tools.

After you finish working on your image, you can export it or share it on your Instagram feed. In the second case, the application will open, which will allow you to publish the photo in the selected platform.

Download: Snapseed (Android), Snapseed (iOS)

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The editor itself is simple, but it is very pleasant to use it, thanks to the stylish and lightweight interface. Basic photo processing functions are present, in the Discover mode you can see the publications of other users, and the main trump card of VSCO is excellent filters. True, you will have to pay for the most interesting ones. But on the other hand, with the help of this tool, even the most ordinary photo can turn into a real masterpiece.

VSCO is able to send results directly to Instagram. But most importantly, the app has its own photo-sharing platform. This makes it one of the Instagram alternatives for smartphone photography lovers.

VSCO’s own tools include many filters and customization tools. The application allows you to save predefined settings if there is a certain algorithm of actions that can be applied to all of your images.

After you finish editing the image, you can publish it to the VSCO platform. However, it is also possible to share the picture on other resources, including sending to Instagram.

The main disadvantage of VSCO is the need to create an account to use the application. This can get in the way of users who require privacy and those who don’t want to associate third-party accounts with their email.

Download: VSCO: Photo & Video Editor (Android), VSCO: Photo & Video Editor (iOS).

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Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Professional apps are not going to lose some of the new market. The famous Photoshop also got a mobile version. But this application has little in common with the original version, the differences lie not only in design, but also in capabilities. The word Express clearly hints that the program is designed for quick and easy photo editing. And editing pictures in Photoshop Express is very simple – after selecting templates, you just need to move the desired sliders, and the program will apply the changes automatically.

Photoshop Express has an impressive array of photo editing tools including filters, enhancements, and collage makers. After you perform the desired actions, the result can be shared on various social networks and applications, including Instagram.

Most of the functionality of the program is free, but there are some premium features. To use Photoshop Express, you’ll need to sign in with your Google, Facebook, or Adobe account.

One of the relatively unique features of the app is the ability to select the export size of the edited image. This gives flexibility in choosing the quality and resolution of the final result.

Download: Photoshop Express-Photo Editor (Android), Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo & Collage Editor (iOS)

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Adobe lightroom

Adobe lightroom

This program is also a no less powerful editor, whose main task is to edit selected areas of the picture. But even mobile Lightroom has the ability to fine-tune colors, light, perspective, and more. In the application, you can create profiles that are optimal for the user and then apply them to other snapshots. But nevertheless, Adobe Lightroom reveals its full functionality as part of a paid subscription.

Download: Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor (Android), Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor (iOS).

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This editor is great for retouching pictures, but it also has very convenient options for creating collages and slideshows. There is a whole and considerable set of decorations for pictures: from frames and text to masks and effects.

Download: PicsArt Photo & Video Editor (Android), PicsArt: Photo & Video Editor, Collage Maker (iOS).

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Pixlr - photo editor

Pixlr integrates the features of many other photo editing apps. Now all this can be found in one editor, which allows you to share the results on Instagram. The user can create collages and use interesting filters, as well as interesting tools such as stickers and frames. Another great feature of Pixlr is the overlay and double exposure feature.

The app also includes traditional tools such as anti-aliasing, adjustments, auto-correction, sharpening, and more. It is a very robust image editing application that even has brush editing features like Snapseed. Of course, the customization options are limited in this case.

Once the image is complete, Pixlr offers a number of options for exporting it, including posting to Instagram.

Pixlr - photo editor

Another advantage of Pixlr is having a website that allows you to edit photos right on your computer.

Download: Pixlr for Android | iOS (free)

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A color story

A Color Story - Photo Editor

Color Story has a variety of tools, including filters and photo manipulation options. Many of them are available for free, but the photo editing app includes a number of paid filters.

Color Story gives you the ability to create captions and schedule a reminder to post a picture to Instagram, just like other planners: Buffer and Crowdfire. It is possible to link the Instagram application directly to the Color Story using your login on this network.

Such complex integration means that the Color Story app really fits the concept of a photo editor for Instagram. And when you publish images, the program copies the signature to the clipboard, while opening the Instagram application.

Download: A Color Story for Android | iOS

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Programs for special processing and effects on photos before publishing on Instagram



The functionality of the program makes it possible not only to improve the quality of images, but to make them highly artistic. This application can combine photos, and original effects and filters form the desired style of photography.

Download: Photoleap (iOS)

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The main “feature” of this application is also the transformation of several pictures into one. It copes with this task no worse than its competitors. With the help of the multiple exposure effect, you can get spectacular or just funny photos.

Download: Union – Combine & Edit Photos (iOS).

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Often unnecessary elements appear in the application: wires, poles, garbage. Yes, and the same acne, moles or wrinkles want to be removed from the face. It will help with the problem just TouchRetouch, which intelligently removes the elements highlighted in the photo.

Download: TouchRetouch (iOS), TouchRetouch (Android).

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Canva (collages, fonts, logos)

Canva (collages, fonts, logos)

This application contains many original templates that will help you create stories and style posts. You can choose any of them and publish the prepared result. It is possible to use the built-in editor of publications, which offers to use fonts, icons and other elements from the proprietary library.

Download: Canva: Design & Video Collage (iOS), Canva: Create Logo, Text on Photos, Video Collage (Android)

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Motionleap (animation creation)

Motionleap (animation creation)

This application will help you to animate certain parts of the photo. It can make clouds, water, smoke and other objects move in the frame. Available 3D effects will make your pictures more voluminous and effective.

Download: Motionleap by Lightricks (iOS), Motionleap by Lightricks (Android).

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Color Accent (change certain colors in the photo to black and white)

Color Accent (change certain colors in the photo to black and white)

The program allows you to make spectacular photos by changing certain colors to black and white. After uploading the photo, the user is asked to select those elements on which it is planned to focus. It can be clothes, facial features, interior items. The rest of the photo will be converted to a black and white background. But you can move your finger, like a magic brush, to return the color to the required arbitrary places. In Color Accent it is also possible to change the intensity of the color.

Download: Color Accent (iOS)

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DMD Clone (object cloning)

How to create a double in a photo (

Photos in which a certain object (most often a person) is depicted in various positions invariably attracts attention. Offhand, creating such an effect seems difficult. In fact, a simple application solves this problem. The user only needs to photograph a person or an object in different positions, and DMD Clone will already impose everything on the general background. At the same time, the program also stabilizes images, correcting possible background jitter.

Download: DMD Clone (iOS)

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Levitagram (flight effect)

Photo with the effect of levitation (flight) on the iPhone

Unfortunately, a person cannot fly, but no one bothers to create this effect in photographs. The creators of this application use a simple principle – two pictures taken from one point are glued together. One is a complete photo and the other is a background with no objects. After gluing by working with layers, you can erase all unnecessary from the first image. And if you remove the support under a person, it may seem that he is flying. And then it’s up to your creativity – what and how you want to show in flight.

Download: Levitagram (iOS)

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Kirakira + (adds shine)

Glitter effect on Instagram video

The program will add animation of sparkling glitter to various objects in the frame when shooting a video (it works with photos as well). Kirakira + automatically detects and highlights important elements – jewelry, makeup fragments, shiny items and accessories.

Download: Kirakira + (iOS)

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Slow Shutter Cam (slow shutter / trail effect)

Best Photo Editors for Instagram on iPhone and Android: Top 30

With this application, you can control the shutter speed of the iPhone lens, for example, to take a photo with a trail effect. This can be very useful when photographing waterfalls, fireworks, traffic, and other moving objects.

It should also be noted here that iPhone users can use almost the same tool completely free of charge using the effect Long exposure in Live Photos. We talked about this in detail in this material.

How to take a long exposure photo with a trail effect on iPhone using Live Photos

Download: Slow Shutter Cam (iOS)

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PhotoRoom (remove / change background)

How to remove the background (make it white) from a photo in the PhotoRoom app on iPhone or iPad?

This application clearly demonstrates the increased capabilities of software photo processing. Often people need to remove the background from a photograph, leaving only one subject. With the help of the Eraser tool, this task can be solved. But the work requires painstaking, and what to do if there are a lot of such photos? PhotoRoom uses machine learning algorithms to identify objects in a photograph. For this it is proposed to use a template, as well as various effects and filters. With their help, the user gets the opportunity to form his own composition.

How to remove the background (make it white) from a photo in the PhotoRoom app on iPhone or iPad?

Download: PhotoRoom (iOS)

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Brushstroke (turning a photo into a painting)

Brushstroke, or how to turn a photo into a painting on iPhone and iPad

The program is a powerful tool with which you can easily turn any photo into a masterpiece of fine art.

Download: Brushstroke (iOS)

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Programs for retouching and virtual changing objects in photos and videos on Instagram before publication



Selfies are an essential part of modern mobile photography. Fans of this genre will certainly need a tool for processing images. And Facetune looks like almost the best option. With this program, you can whiten your teeth, cleanse your skin and brighten your eyes. The application will help you to rearrange the light, as well as change the background and apply filters.

Download: Facetune2 by Lightricks (iOS), Facetune2 – Selfie Photo Editor, Retouching & Filters (Android)

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The main function of the program is face correction in real time. The developers offer many different templates that you can try on your face. In addition, the B612 automatically enhances the user’s photos, improving the figure, getting rid of skin imperfections, folds, wrinkles, etc.

Download: B612 (iOS), B612 (Android)

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A simple program that is capable of facial recognition and intelligent retouching: automatically smooth and refresh facial skin, and eliminate acne, pimples, blemishes and wrinkles with one click. In addition, with the help of Bestie, you can reshape your face and nose.

Download: Bestie (iOS)

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In the program, you can age or rejuvenate the object of change and even change its gender. FaceApp uses popular neural networks to edit photos.

Download: FaceApp (iOS)

For a more detailed overview of programs for correcting appearance, including for changing the shape of the face and figure, hair, nails, eyes, age, etc., you can find here.

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Programs for processing and editing video before publishing on Instagram



Apple offers a compact video editor with which you can create short clips. The application allows you to combine pieces of video with titles, snapshots, animated stickers and add music.

Download: Clips (iOS)

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This app does equally well with video editing and photo editing. The advantage of InShot is a handy tool for saving videos directly for Instagram. Для этого предлагается ряд шаблонов с наилучшим соотношением сторон для Stories и для постов. Это дает гарантию, что экспортированное из редактора видео в любой публикации будет смотреть наилучшим образом.

Загрузить: InShot — Видео редактор и фото (iOS), Видео редактор и фото Музыка – InShot (Android)

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В этом оригинальном редакторе особенно ценной выглядит возможность смешивать визуальные элементы. Например, можно нанести на разные слои ролики и снимки, а в нужный момент наложить их друг на друга. Такой продвинутый видеоколлаж читатели оценят.

Загрузить: Videoleap Монтаж Видео (iOS).

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Компания GoPro занимается выпуском не только камер, но и программными продуктами для обработки снимаемых динамичных роликов. В Quick требуется добавить фотографии или видео и задать для них шаблон обработки. Программа сама создаст ролик, в который при необходимости можно внести и правки. Готовый результат можно разместить в социальных сетях непосредственно из редактора.

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Этот видеоредактор уже можно назвать относительно продвинутым, по крайней мере он позволяет заниматься более сложным монтажом. Программа может регулировать скорость воспроизведения ролика, обрезать его и менять местами фрагменты. Компоновка доступна и для фотографий. В Splice работает цветокоррекция и наносятся эффекты.

Загрузить: Splice — Видео редактор и фото (iOS).

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Другие полезные программы

FolowMeter (аналитика)


Если автор ставит перед собой амбициозные цели по собственному продвижению в Instagram, то с помощью FolowMeter можно будет проанализировать свою аудиторию. Программа покажет, кто от вас отписался, кто чаще всего комментирует ваши записи, а кто не стал подписчиком в ответ. Информации для изучения будет немало.

Загрузить: FollowMeter for Instagram (iOS), FollowMeter — Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram (Android)

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Preview (планирование публикаций и аналитика)

Preview (планирование публикаций и аналитика)

Если оформить свою ленту фотографий в едином стиле, то это явно выделит вас среди прочих авторов. Но работа над таким оформлением – непростая задача. Как будет выглядеть новый снимок на фоне других? С помощью Preview как раз и можно узнать, как запланированные посты будут смотреться рядом с уже опубликованными. В идеале композиции и цвета должны сочетаться, это и стоит проверять. Программа понравится тем, кто ищет во всём визуальную гармонию.

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Фотоскан от Google для iPhone

И если одни авторы привлекают постоянным появлением все новых и новых фотографий, то другие пробуждают интерес публикацией своих старых снимков. Ностальгия знакома каждому. А для оцифровки старых аналоговых фотографий как раз и поможет приложение «Фотосканер» от Google. С его помощью ваш смартфон превратится в компактный сканер, который создаст копии старых снимков. Естественно, качество результата напрямую зависит от возможностей камеры.

Загрузить: Фотосканер от Google Фот‪о (iOS), Фотосканер от Google Фот‪о (Android)

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