Apple Watch Series 6 review: what’s new, features, price in Russia

At the Apple presentation on September 15, 2020, the sixth generation of the Apple Watch was presented. It was this manufacturer that defined the unwritten standard for the entire segment. Apple watches are imitated, trying to at least to some extent repeat their success. Meanwhile, the company itself sells more of its watches than all the Swiss manufacturers combined. The fact speaks for itself eloquently. There is no doubt that the next series of watches will only consolidate the dominant position in the market. Apple Watch Series 6 has evolved significantly relative to its predecessor.

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Apple Watch Series 6 display

Apple Watch Series 6 display

Apple Watch Series 6 retains a bezel-less OLED LTPO Retina display. But the Force Touch technology in this device is absent – it was considered unnecessary – pressing with force was replaced by pressing and holding. The watch has a display brightness of 1000 cd / m22… The screen resolution is 368 x 448 pixels for the 44 mm model and 324 x 394 pixels for the 40 mm model. Depending on the size, the display area will be 759 and 977 mm 2.

Apple Watch Size 6

The beloved Always-on display is now even more powerful. In this mode, which allows you to constantly display basic information on the screen, the watch will shine 2.5 times brighter than its predecessor. This is especially important on the street, in an inactive mode. Previously, to view the time, you had to raise your hand to activate the maximum brightness, now you can see the information even without moving your wrist. The operation of this mode practically does not affect the autonomy of the device.

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Apple Watch Series 6 case

Apple Watch Series 6 case

As we mentioned above, the watch can be seen in two cases made of recycled aluminum: 40 and 44 mm. In other countries, we should expect to see models made of titanium or steel on sale.

The design is exactly the same as the previous model. And the thickness of the watch remained the same – 10.7 mm, although Apple offers to compare it with the remaining Apple Watch 3 model available on the website, in comparison with which the new model has become 11% thinner.

The watch received five color options: blue and red (PRODUCT) RED were added to the previously used silver, space gray and gold. Bright additions will be appreciated by users. The back of the watch is made of ceramic and sapphire crystal.

Apple Watch Series 6 colors

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Digital Crown Wheel

The wheel is an important accessory to the watch. The Digital Crown has a tactile response that manifests itself in the form of clicks when scrolling.

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“Iron” Apple Watch Series 6

The work of the new watch is provided not even by the processor, but by the whole S6 system. Apple claims that this is a complex complex, and not just a chipset. It is based on a dual-core processor based on the Apple A13 Bionic. The same is installed in the iPhone 11. This solution guarantees a high level of performance, it is not surprising if in the near future the computing capabilities of the Apple Watch will begin to be compared with computers and laptops. Compared to the S5 system, performance has increased by 20%.

The internal storage capacity is 32 GB, it is not yet clear why the watch needs more. A watch with a GPS / GLONASS module will be presented on the Russian market, while a Wi-Fi + Cellular model will be available in other markets.

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Water resistant Apple Watch Series 6

Water resistant Apple Watch Series 6

The protection of the watch from water has not changed for several series already (in detail). Likewise, Apple Watch Series 6 can be immersed in liquid to a depth of 50 meters. You should not abuse it – it is one thing to swim in the pool in a watch, and quite another to engage in active sports and deep-sea diving.

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Apple Watch Series 6 features

The rich functionality of the Apple Watch is exactly what makes the product inaccessible to competitors. The new model has received an important function – measuring the level of oxygen in the blood (in detail).

blood oxygen measurement

By itself, this feature is not new to the mobile technology market, previously something similar has already been implemented by Samsung, but then hid deep in the submenu of its smartphone. Apple suggests measuring blood oxygen levels using a special sensor in the watch and an app.

Blood oxygen sensor on Apple Watch

Moreover, the device can take measurements in the background, both day and night. The sensor consists of four LED clusters and four LEDs. To accommodate this structure, the concept of the watch back has been rethought.

Blood oxygen sensor on Apple Watch

Data on the level of oxygen in the blood is very important just at the present time, because the coronavirus causes serious changes in this parameter. The watch takes only 15 seconds to take measurements.

How to check blood oxygen levels on Apple Watch?

The list of countries in which the blood oxygen measurement function works on Apple Watch:

Does oxygen measurement work with Apple Watch in Russia (Ukraine, Kazakhstan)?

In addition, the watch has a second generation heart rate sensor. Thanks to the Pulse application, it will be possible to pay attention to adverse symptoms and consult a specialist in time.

Heart rate measurement on Apple Watch

The new application “Sleep” (in detail) allows you to perform a set of actions necessary for a quick and high-quality transition to a new state. The device continuously monitors your sleep duration to help you determine your ideal sleep pattern.

Sleep tracking on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 6 is an indispensable companion for fitness enthusiasts. There are many types of activity, the watch helps to track them, measuring the necessary indicators. The watch now has an altimeter that can be left always on (placed on the dial, see the screenshot below), tracking ascents and descents.

Altimeter in Apple Watch

Activity rings will add motivation and make you energetic, besides this information can be exchanged with friends, forming competitions.

As with previous watch models, there is a compass, an accelerometer with fall detection, a gyroscope and an ambient light sensor. In conjunction with the iPhone, all the information and content you need is at hand. You can answer calls and messages right from the wrist, pay for purchases with your watch and Apple Pay, and ask Siri for help, including translation. The watch will help you work with maps, vibrations on your wrist, informing you about a turn on the way.

Apple Watch Series 6 features

Among other things, Apple Watch Series 6 has many new watch faces that are easy to customize to suit your style, mood, and hobbies. You can create your own unique watch face and share it with other users.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

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Apple Watch Series 6 battery life

Despite the increased screen brightness in Always-on Display mode, the built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 18 hours of operation. Apple itself describes the operating time with the phrase all-day, that is, “all day.” It is to be expected that in most scenarios, there will be no need to recharge the device in the middle of the day. And the charging itself lasts an hour and a half.

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Apple Watch Series 6 package

Apple Watch Series 6 package

Unfortunately, the equipment of the watch turned out to be poorer than that of the previous models. The manufacturer decided that the new owners did not need a power adapter. So the only thing that comes with the watch is a magnetic charging cable and a strap. The 5 W power supply is present only in luxury versions with a titanium case and a Hermes strap (not sold in Russia).

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Apple Watch Series 6 Straps

Apple also pays special attention to how the watch will be placed on the wrist. The company understands that it is important not only to produce straps in different colors, but also to diversify the accessory itself. Along with the Apple Watch Series 6, a monobracelet, devoid of buckle and clasps, was introduced (available in six colors).

Monobrasslet for Apple Watch

The monobralet is available in two versions: smooth silicone and braided silicone threads.

Monobrasslet for Apple Watch

Nine sizes ensure the perfect fit. A simple and convenient solution will be appreciated by people leading an active lifestyle. Especially for those who want to emphasize their taste and material status, there are straps from Hermes, including those with colored leather.

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Specifications (specifications) Apple Watch Series 6

Specifications (specifications) Apple Watch Series 6

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Apple Watch Series 6 price in Russia

In domestic retail, aluminum Apple Watch Series 6 will cost 36,990 rubles in a 40-mm case and 39,490 rubles in a 44-mm case. Models with the ability to work in cellular networks on the Russian market should not be expected, as well as luxury models with a different body material.

Buy Apple Watch Series 6

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

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