Apple TV Siri Remote Hotkeys

In addition to the obvious functions of the Siri Remote from Apple TV, the meaning of which is fully revealed by the icons on the buttons, the accessory is endowed with several more, which most of the users are hardly aware of. In this article, we will tell you about the hidden capabilities of the Apple TV box remote control.

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Open Control Center

Holding the button “Home” for a couple of seconds you can open Command centre

Home button on Siri Remote

Here you can put your device to sleep, switch user, activate the search field, etc.

Apple TV Control Center

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How to restart Apple TV

There are two ways to restart your Apple TV: either through the menu or by using a keyboard shortcut on the remote.

In particular, this can be achieved by holding down the buttons simultaneously “Menu” and “Home” on the remote control for about 5 seconds.

How to restart Apple TV

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How to unload apps from the multitasking bar

Also, through the Siri Remote, you can unload individual applications running in the background. And this is done in the same way as on the iPhone and iPad. That is, you need to double-click on the button “Home”, and then in the menu that opens, click on the required application window and swipe up from the bottom to unload it (close).

Home button on Siri Remote

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Shift and Caps Lock on the remote when entering text

Shift and Caps Lock on the remote when entering text

Button Play / Pause on a standard console, the set-top box can be used as a keyboard change when entering text. Each press will change the letter keyboard, numeric and symbols). In addition, the same button turns on the analogue of the Shift key on a computer keyboard – the input of a capital letter is activated.

App switcher on Apple TV

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Open hidden Apple TV system settings

Advanced Apple TV users may find additional system settings useful – section Internal Settingswhich can be obtained by going to Settings → System → Software update and pressing the button 4 times Play / Pause

Open hidden Apple TV system settingsOpen hidden Apple TV system settings

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How to enable animated screensaver on Apple TV

Double click on the button “Menu” activates a demonstration of animated splash screens.

How to enable animated screensaver on Apple TV

At the same time, by swiping left and right, you can turn on the next or previous screensaver.

How to enable animated screensaver on Apple TV

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How to reset Apple TV Siri Remote

If the console malfunctions, you can also restart it. To do this, simultaneously hold down the volume up button and the “Menu” button.

Reboot remote on Apple TV

After restarting, Siri Remote will not respond for some time, but then it will work.

How to reset your Apple TV remote

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