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Apple taught Siri to get directions & review

Apple taught Siri to get directions
It’s difficult to use a smartphone while driving. Voice assistants come to the rescue, but they can not cope with all the tasks. Apple has expanded the functionality of its voice assistant Siri and taught him to pave the way to his destination.
Now the user can say: “Siri, take me to point X”. The voice assistant will route and instruct the control system to deliver the user to the designated location.
They talked about the new feature last year. In 2019, the company filed a patent application. Judging by the document, the user does not need to know a specific address. He may also say: “Siri, take me to the nearest store” or “Siri, I want to drink some coffee.”
In addition, the voice assistant will optimize not only the route for the car, but also for the user. For example, the parking closest to the exit will tell. In addition, the explanatory note to the patent says that you can control the voice assistant using gestures or eye movements. Thus, the company wants to reduce the interaction time with Siri so that the driver does not create an emergency on the road.
Most likely, the Apple CarPlay system will receive the same function. Previously, the company registered a patent for technology that allows you to get rid of the “blind spots” and automatically adjust the position of the side mirrors depending on the position of the driver’s eyes.

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