Amazon’s iPhone X heads hacked through WhatsApp and downloaded gigabytes of data. Suspect arab prince

Amazon’s iPhone X heads hacked through WhatsApp and downloaded gigabytes of data. Suspect arab prince All Apple NEWS

The Guardian reports that on May 1, 2019, the iPhone X of Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon, was hacked. Hackers pumped tens of gigabytes of data for several months in a row.

The Financial Times claims that Bezos received a virus-infected video file from WhatsApp in correspondence with Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. Before hacking, traffic from a smartphone was calculated in hundreds of kilobytes daily.

What exactly was stolen and how they used this information is unknown.

With what it can be connected

Jamal Hashukji

The media suggest that Bezos’s iPhone X had data that could lead to a re-investigation of the killing of opposition journalist Jamal Khashukji. He worked for The Washington Post, which has been owned by Amazon CEO since 2013.

The murder occurred 5 months after breaking the smartphone.

Even then, Arab representatives explained how Khashukji died – tortured, killed and then dismembered by the citizens of Saudi Arabia. However, US officials do not believe in this statement, but believe that the murder is political in nature.

The claim that Khashukji was killed during a fight with 15 people sent from Saudi Arabia is completely untrustworthy. If he fought with those who were sent to catch or kill him, it was necessary for his life. The kingdom must be held accountable. If the administration does not impose sanctions, Congress must do so.

– Rep. Adam Schiff

Earlier, American intelligence agencies intercepted reports of Saudi officials discussing a plan to return Khashukji to Saudi Arabia.

Gavin de Burrek, a cybersecurity adviser to Bezos, is sure that it was the Arabian hackers who cracked the iPhone. And this is due to the direct work of Hashukji in The Washington Post.

At the embassy of Saudi Arabia called The accusations against the prince are absurd and deny any involvement in hacking.

UN requires immediate investigation

Members of the UN Human Rights Working Group called on the United States to immediately investigate the incident with iPhone X Jeff Bezos.

The information obtained suggests the Crown Prince’s involvement in the surveillance of Bezos in an attempt to influence the position of WP, if not completely stop its coverage of what is happening in Saudi Arabia.

The alleged hacking of Bezos’s smartphone and other people requires an immediate investigation by the United States and relevant organizations, including an investigation into the Crown Prince’s ongoing, long-term, personal involvement in the persecution of his alleged opponents

– excerpt from the report

The UN suspects that hackers could have unloaded Bezos’s personal correspondence with his mistress, TV presenter and actress Lauren Sanchez.

Earlier, the billionaire was blackmailed by the owner of the National Enquirer tabloid, David Pecker, who supports the Saudi royal family. Peker could publish dozens of personal photos and correspondence.

No one knows how to crack the iPhone X yet

Here, the opinions of experts differ. There is no exact information in the details of the case, for example, about whether Bezos opened the video file sent to him. It is known that the video contained lines of malicious code.

Fragment of Bezos correspondence with the Arab prince

It is believed that the Arab company NSO Group, which has repeatedly hacked iPhones for state needs, may be involved in hacking. Not so long ago, WhatsApp has sued them because of spyware.

Representatives of NSO claim that they are not related to a hacker attack. [Business Insider]


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