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8K video and 100x zoom on Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 series – Samsung’s first flagship lineup with revolutionary 8K video technology and 100x zoom – completely changes the way the smartphone’s camera features. In addition, thanks to the Samsung Knox protection system, an intelligent battery, a powerful processor and a huge amount of memory for consumers, a whole new world of mobility opens up.

New flagship line changes our perception of the world

A high-quality camera has become perhaps the main criterion for consumers who are looking for a new smartphone. Designed for the needs of a modern lifestyle, the Galaxy S20 offers a completely new camera system – enhanced with artificial intelligence and the latest optical sensor, so it makes it possible to make every moment and every image the best.

• Stunning clarity of detail

The Galaxy S20 camera has super-high resolution (108MP in the Galaxy S20 Ultra; 64MP in the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus) and impresses with its crisp detail. Galaxy S20 Ultra takes it one step further thanks to innovative technologies: at the sensor level, nine points are able to combine into one, creating high-quality images even in low light.

• Breakthrough zoom capabilities

With Space Zoom technology, you can achieve maximum image magnification. Use up to 30X zoom in the Galaxy S20 and 20 Plus, or even more in the S20 Ultra, where thanks to revolutionary lens assembly technology, you can achieve impressive magnification with almost no loss of quality. With innovative cropped zoom technology, S20 users can take a picture, crop and edit while maintaining maximum image quality.

• One click – many features

Thanks to the Single Take function, you can concentrate exclusively on the shooting process, without being distracted by the setting. The Galaxy S20 makes it possible to take a series of photos and videos with various options – live focus, crop, ultra-wide photo, etc., and can also use artificial intelligence to offer the best shots.

• Professional-grade video recording

The Galaxy S20 delivers stunning 8K video so users can reflect the world in true colors. Thanks to the Super Steady function, as well as artificial intelligence that analyzes movements, even the most dynamic videos have the quality, as if they were shot using a gyroscopic suspension. Having completed the shooting, it broadcasts its videos directly to the Samsung QLED 8K TV and enjoy the best viewing experience in this class.


Thanks to the new Galaxy features and capabilities, doing what you love will be much easier, because these smartphones have everything that users expect from them, and even more.

Music. Just wake up or head to the gym to enjoy your favorite soundtrack through integration with Spotify and Bixby Routines. The Music Share function provides a paired Bluetooth connection to the car’s audio system so that you and your friends can alternately turn on your favorite music while traveling.

Incredible video chats on Google Duo. Video chatting is even easier and better – the Galaxy S20 enhances the video chat experience with exclusive and deep integration with Google Duo. Google Duo is compatible with various operating systems, so you are not limited in communication. Thanks to the wide-angle lens, the whole family will fit into the frame, and in addition, it is possible to simultaneously connect up to eight people to a group chat.

YouTube in 8K. Share 8K videos with the world – quicker and easier. Samsung is partnering with YouTube so you can upload your 8K videos directly to YouTube and at maximum speed.

Games. Galaxy S20 Series takes mobile games to the next level. With a 120Hz display, you can enjoy the incredible smoothness of the game. Together with a fast processor, 12 GB of RAM, tuned AKG audio and a game accelerator that optimizes the background settings for better performance, the Galaxy S20 offers a vivid gaming experience.

A powerful large-capacity battery makes it possible to enjoy your favorite hobbies all day. A 25 W charger (in the case of the Galaxy S20 Ultra – up to 45 W) provides ultra-fast recharging of the smartphone.

The entire Galaxy S20 series will be available for sale from March 12. But now you can pre-order on the site and get another new product in the kit for the flagship – Galaxy Buds Plus wireless headphones.

The price of the new flagship Galaxy S20:

And to make the purchase more profitable and enjoyable, you can use a loan of up to 25 months for this model or donate your old device under the Citrus Exchange program and pay the rest, saving up to 90% of the cost.


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