8 words successful people don’t use

We all want to be successful and achieve certain results in the chosen areas of activity and life in general. However, observations show that only those for whom the phrases that will be discussed today do not exist are achieving goals. So what are these formulations and why is it better to discard them?

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“Maybe” “maybe”

By using these words, you leave yourself the opportunity to change your mind. “Maybe I’ll go to the gym,” “Maybe I’ll start doing something,” these are just excuses when you don’t really want to do something. It’s easier to let someone make a decision for themselves and “maybe” support it.

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The phrase of the famous heroine of “Gone with the Wind” Scarlett O’Hara: “I’ll think about it tomorrow” has long become commonplace, but it is not always applicable in everyday life. As a rule, in 80% of cases, cases postponed “for tomorrow” are never implemented, although it is quite possible to complete them on the same day. Probably, you are putting too much on yourself and then it is worth reconsidering the workload, or simply “killing” the lazy person in yourself, which is not so easy to do, but more important from a long-term perspective.

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“Never say never” – life is complex and unpredictable and is not divided only into black and white. Different situations arise in life, and a person who previously said: “I can never raise my hand against another” begins to defend himself with all his might in case of danger for him and his family. “I will never forgive her / him” – with time, forgive, and perhaps even forget about the insult. As a rule, only selfish and self-righteous people operate with phrases like “never”, “for nothing” (or “always”, “forever”).

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The phrases “I will be healthier / more successful / richer in the future” is just self-satisfaction and a way to suppress thoughts about what really bothers you. Don’t put it off for the future, but think about what you can do or change today.

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“It’s a pity that …”

There is no point in regretting what was done or not done – you can no longer fix everything. Accumulated regrets increase negative experiences that only weigh on you. Repeating the endless “sorry that …” you just circle in search of what is already irretrievably lost.

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“It’s my pleasure”

Very often, in response to thanks for the help or the work done, we answer: “Not at all”, thereby allowing colleagues or friends to continue to exploit us. It is better to replace “not for anything” with “please”, because the service you provided, the time spent, the effort put in has value. Plus, “please” is the most effective and positive way to convey this value in a friendly way, even if you are truly selfless.

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“Impossible”, “unreal”

“It is impossible to lose 5 kg in such a short time”, “It is impossible to quit my job, because I have no money”, “It is impossible to run 5 km, I have no shortness of breath and I walk with difficulty” – think about those who suffer from serious diseases or recovering from accidents. After all, they do not give up simply because it is difficult for them to get up in the morning and get ready for work. Your “impossible” is just a memory of past negative experiences and a habit of putting off everything that seems difficult for later.

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“By chance”

“I was completely mistaken by accident”, “I accidentally forgot”, “I happened to be at this event” – in fact, you made a mistake due to carelessness, took too much on yourself and therefore forgot, wanted to get to any event and the last moment we found an opportunity to be there. Draw conclusions for yourself from accidents in order not to do (or do) in the future what happened the first time by accident. The best assistant in business is dedication and perseverance, and not at all by chance.

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