8 qualities of a perfect leader according to Google

In 2001, just 5 years after its inception, Google Corporation opened its first international office, offered search in 15 languages, and employed 400 employees. At the same time, the company was still very fast and was not bureaucratic. How did they do it?

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Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google, firmly decided that there was no place for bureaucracy in his company. So he took a bold step: he took and fired all the managers who were in charge of the engineers. And … I didn’t guess. The “unmanaged” experiment went badly from the very beginning, and in the end it completely failed miserably: just a few months later the position was restored.

Google became interested in this phenomenon and decided to study the problem in detail within the framework of the Oxygen project. The company’s specialists conducted a survey of personnel, monitored the success of the departments and conducted a series of interviews.

As it turned out, a good manager will not create bureaucracy at all; on the contrary, he is a key element for building a positive and productive development team. The results of their experiment in Google have formalized into specific recommendations.

So, a good Google version manager …

one… Has good teaching skills;

2… Delegates and does not micromanage;

3… Strives to make the employee from the team achieve success and feel good on a personal level;

4… Productive, result-oriented;

5… Sociable;

6… Helps in career development;

7… Has a clear understanding (strategy) of where the team is leading;

8… Has important technical skills that help him / her advise team members.

Google not only names qualities that are useful for a manager, but also tells how to develop them: for this, the “corporation of good” has prepared instructions and tools, they can be found here, here and here. All materials are based on trainings that Google managers went through. The information is very valuable – in 2013 Eric Clayberg, the head of the development team at Google, praised the training at the company. In his words, they helped him to look at things more broadly. The man admitted that after training, he spends from a third to half of his working time to help his team members grow professionally.

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