8 interesting examples of landscape design to manipulate the behavior of citizens on the street

Annoying Design by Gordon and Selena Savić neatly debunks the myth of free use of public space in Europe. Architectural thought is cleverly used to subtly force you to do this, and not otherwise, in a given area – real objects in Vienna, Rotterdam, Lausanne and The Hague are examples of this.

Metal upholstery for seating

Whether it’s a plank bench or a tall concrete curb, it takes very little iron and hardware to transform a smooth surface into a raised surface. It is still comfortable to sit down, put on a shopping bag or laptop, but it is almost impossible to maintain the trajectory of movement while sliding along the skate seat.


Or a bike, roller skates, a scooter and other small wheeled vehicles – fans of pokatushki, they frankly don’t like you here.

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“Sanding” covering for railings

Some abrasive, weather-resistant varnish and professional assembly work. The output is a visually neutral coating, which creates an eerie sensation if you grab it with your bare hand. It is used to process railings and stairs of high-rise structures – bridges, towers, masts, etc. Against spontaneous suicide and just inexperienced hooligans without gloves, since you still can’t stop a seasoned roofer.

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Non-drying paint

Non-drying paint

Thanks to the special oil, the surface remains sticky, greasy and dirty even after many months outdoors. No one wants to climb it, leaving scraps of clothing, and smearing their face and hands – theoretically, the intruder can be tracked down by these prints. The paint from the spray gun is extremely bad on it, so drawing graffiti is one torment.

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metal bench

Wide, strong sheets of steel or anodized aluminum create a tough and cold surface. And on the contrary, it warms up in the sun – in order to sit, you will have to put a newspaper on it.

The design of the bench does not allow a person of normal height to rest his feet on the ground, he is forced to sit in tension. Constant discomfort drives people away and most of the time the benches are idle. Inhumane, but effective.

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Rotterdam props


A new type of urban furniture that comes from this city looks like a half of the usual bench, but it is not at all. This is a support that you can lean on and rest for a few minutes. Strictly upright, so as not to linger, there was no temptation to climb up with your feet and take a nap, covering yourself with a rag.


A compromise option, allows you to crowd out antisocial elements and leave supports in public places for older people who have a hard time walking.

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Anti armrests

Benches with armrests

A savage addition to the usual park benches – the sturdy armrests are arranged so that a person with “size-plus” dimensions can fit between them, but not a couple in love. Unless they are anorexic.

Benches with armrests

The innovation prevents a large company from sitting on a bench, does not allow to lie down on it, and you can also make the edges of the armrests narrow, up to sharpness. Not leaning on your elbows, or jumping on a sports bike – scatter from here, hooliganism.

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Curved surface of landscape elements


To prevent people from sitting spontaneously here and there, European architects decided to deprive cities of smooth, comfortable surfaces for sitting in principle. Except asphalt and concrete right under your feet and wherever it is allowed. Each patch, corner or empty space is supplied with decorative plates made of large stones and glass blocks embedded in cement. And garbage cans receive inclined lids – neither sit, nor put a cup of coffee, nor attach a bag with explosives to provide a maximum affected area.

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Blue lighting

blue lighting

In Japan, bluish lighting is used in railroad infrastructure as a calming factor – to reduce nervousness and suicidal tendencies in crowded carriages. In Europe, they are looking across the ocean and in the opposite direction, fearing the spread of the heroin epidemic from the United States. The dim blue light makes the pattern of veins on the skin much less visible, which makes it difficult for drug addicts to inject in the back streets of public places. This does not solve the problem of drug addiction, but the opportunity to remove a dangerous element from the streets is worth it to adopt a simple technology into service.

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