7 useful free gadgets for Mac

7 useful free gadgets for Mac All Apple NEWS

For Mac, thousands of programs have been created that make the user’s life easier and more enjoyable. In this article, we will present a selection of excellent applications from the category “small spool, yes expensive.”

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1. Thor


The program allows you to create custom shortcuts for your favorite programs. Everything as you want! For example, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to launch Safari ⌥Option (Alt) + S, for the Mail application – ⌥Option (Alt) + M (M – “mail”), etc.


Download Thor.

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2. HiddenMe

HiddenMe - how to quickly hide all the icons from the Mac desktop

A great way to hide all the “trash” on the screen if guests come to you, and you are just ashamed to show a mess on your desktop or is there something that discredits your person. Click the Hide Desktop Icons button and the guest will not see anything but your luxurious “wallpaper”. At the same time, look at them yourself – before, you didn’t notice them behind a bunch of icons.

HiddenMe - how to quickly hide all the icons from the Mac desktop

Download HiddenMe.

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3. Owly


This is the heir to the popular Caffeine application (now caffeine is no longer working) from the developers of the popular Battery Health utility. Like Caffeine, Owly prevents your Mac from going to sleep.

Useful advice: Do you want your Mac to not “sleep” only for a certain time, and then still turn off? Owly has the appropriate settings!


Download Owly.

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4. CornerCal


The application displays the time and date in the menu bar. Yes, macOS already has such a function, in principle, but CornerCal handles it better. the program has a simple and easy to use calendar (by the way, in the style of macOS). It will be displayed by clicking on the CornerCal icon. In general, you get the functionality “like in Windows” – and that’s good, because before us is the rare case when everything is done better in Windows.


Download CornerCal.

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5. Overkill


iTunes (the Music app on macOS Catalina and newer) can drive you crazy even when you’re not using it. The Apple Music Harvester is designed so that it can be turned on for a variety of reasons – for example, immediately after updating or connecting Bluetooth headphones. And, of course, it’s not nice to get to iTunes via a web link from the Internet.

Overkill solves all these problems. The application prohibits the launch of iTunes in various scenarios, so that nothing will distract you from work or entertainment. If you still need iTunes, you will need to pause Overkill (this is done by clicking on the application icon in the menu bar).


And yes – Overkill can do the same with any other application.

Useful advice: if you want to install Overkill just because iTunes (the Music app in macOS Catalina and newer) turns on when you connect iPhone to your Mac (for example, for recharging or syncing) – installing this program is optional. To do this, just go to iTunes settings and select Devices → Prevent iPod, iPhone, and iPad from syncing automatically.

Download Overkill.

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6. Easy Move + Resize

Easy Move + Resize

Usually, in order to resize a window or move it to another place, you need to move the mouse cursor to a specific point – respectively, to its edge or top.

Easy Move + Resize allows you to do the same operation more conveniently: you press and hold the ⌘Cmd and Ctrl keys, and then the left mouse button, and the window can be moved right away – you no longer need to “find” the upper part of the window with the mouse.

Press ⌘Cmd + Ctrl + right mouse button – and instantly get access to increase / decrease the window size (this combination is well known to Linux users).

… Of course, not everyone will like the option of working with windows from Easy Move + Resize. Strictly speaking, you still have to make an “extra movement” – if you do not move the cursor, look for buttons on the keyboard. But it’s still worth a try – it’s quite possible that this solution will be more convenient for you.

Useful advice: if desired, in the settings, you can change the modifier buttons.

At the first start, the application will ask for permission, to provide which click Open System Preferences in the window that appears.

Easy Move + Resize

Next, check the box next to the application. Easy Move + Resize.

Easy Move + Resize

Download Easy Move + Resize.

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7. Mos

Mos app for mac

As you know, scrolling on a Mac is inverted – we turn the mouse wheel up to go down, and vice versa. Some users like this approach (by the way, Apple calls it “natural”) when working with the trackpad – but not with the mouse. Of course, macOS always uses only one setting for all manipulators.

Mos makes it possible to determine the type of scroll for the mouse and trackpad separately. Another useful feature of the program is the ability to scroll faster with your mouse wheel.

When installing the application, the following notification will appear:


To bypass this notice, use this instruction.

Download Mos.

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