6 Reasons Why Magic Trackpad Is Better Than Magic Mouse For Mac Users

Apple knows how to create compelling products. The touchpad has never looked as good as the Magic Trackpad 2, regardless of its silver or gray color scheme. But should its owners also purchase a Magic Mouse for an additional 6,500 rubles?

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If you’re thinking of buying a new iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac mini, you’ve probably already had some sort of comparison in your head: the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Mouse. Both have already received the second generation with rechargeable batteries and multi-touch surfaces. However, the user experience with them is very different. Naturally, the Magic Mouse is much more popular, as it comes with, for example, iMac.

In this article, we’ll explain why Magic Trackpad is better than Magic Mouse.

Buy Magic Mouse 2
Buy Magic Trackpad 2

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Magic Mouse cannot be used while it is charging

This problem is most severe for Magic Mouse 2. When Apple added a built-in rechargeable battery to the device, the charging port was located on the bottom of the mouse. It fits perfectly into the stylish, smooth surface of the device, but it is impossible to use the mouse when charging.

Magic Mouse cannot be used while it is charging

The Magic Trackpad 2, on the other hand, has a sensible rear port layout. It is easy to connect the cable there without interrupting the workflow. You don’t have to take a 15-minute break just to recharge your mouse. And the positioning of the port on the trackpad doesn’t harm the aesthetics in the least.

Magic Mouse cannot be used while it is charging

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Magic Mouse will be unusable after 3-4 years, while Magic Trackpad can be used for longer

And the most annoying thing about the location of the Magic Mouse charging port is the shortening of the device’s life. Over time, the built-in batteries of gadgets will age and no longer hold a charge. At this point, the Magic Mouse will be completely useless, while the Magic Trackpad can always be used with a cable connected to it.

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Magic Trackpad supports more gestures and is easier to use

The Magic Trackpad is a 6 “by 4” multi-touch surface with ample space for all kinds of finger gestures. Apple is taking advantage of this opportunity by including 15 gestures in macOS that you can enable and customize in “System Preferences”

Magic Trackpad gestures

These intuitive gestures are easy to learn and easy to use. Quite easily you can navigate between pages, open “Notification Center”, zoom in on documents and jump to Mission Control with just one swipe of your fingers. And with the BetterTouchTool app, you can customize additional gestures.

While the Magic Mouse also has a multi-touch surface, it is much smaller and much more difficult to use. Apple clearly agrees with that, because macOS only has four Magic Mouse gestures, including scrolling!

Magic Mouse gestures

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Magic Trackpad supports Force Touch

Introduced in the original Apple Watch, Force Touch technology recognizes the difference between light pressure and hard pressure. You can use it to access a range of advanced features in Apple’s own and some third-party apps. Many people think of this as purely a marketing gimmick, but there are actually many useful things you can do with Force Touch. One has only to want to delve into it.

You can use Force Touch to view descriptions, websites, and document previews in the Finder. But you can even use it to create pressure-sensitive drawings or to dynamically fast-forward a video in QuickTime.

You can’t do that with the Magic Mouse – it only uses simple clicks. Thus, even if you rarely use Force Touch, this option is still only available with the Magic Trackpad.

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Haptic Feedback gives you control over clicks

Unlike the Magic Mouse, the Magic Trackpad doesn’t actually click. The touchpad senses pressure when you press it and uses tactile feedback to give the user a clicking sensation. This is why the device keeps clicking when using Force Touch, but doesn’t click at all when it is turned off.

There are three reasons this feature is considered the best: fewer moving parts, a fully interactive surface, and customizable clicks.

Since nothing moves inside when you press down on the Magic Trackpad, the device is less likely to wear out or physically break over time. You will also not be able to clog the mechanism with dirt, since all moving parts are sealed inside.

With Magic Mouse, you can only press on one end of the device. But with the Magic Trackpad, you can click anywhere on its large multi-touch surface. This is especially useful when your fingers are actively moving across the entire surface and using multiple gestures.

Finally, you can adjust haptic feedback to respond to harder or softer clicks. This not only allows you to fine tune the trackpad to your liking, but also gives you the option to enable silent clicking. This allows the Magic Trackpad to be completely silent in operation.

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Magic Trackpad is more comfortable than Magic Mouse

Each person has their own comfort levels. However, many Mac users never got used to using the Magic Mouse due to its ingenious design and ergonomics. The mouse received sharp edges, a narrow work surface and a relatively flat profile. All of this contrasts with the ergonomically recognized competitors.

At the same time, Magic Trackpad is considered very user-friendly. The touchpad has a comfortable tilt angle with a large surface that can be pressed anywhere. And it takes up less space than a mouse pad. And if you enable the option Tap to simulate pressing at “System Preferences”you don’t even have to press hard on the surface.

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The Magic Trackpad has earned its high price

Ultimately, there are many conflicting personal opinions on this issue. On the Internet, you won’t find any downsides to Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad advocates. In the end, it all comes down to deciding what’s best for you.

If you want to play video games, the Magic Mouse is your best bet. Otherwise, the Magic Trackpad is worth considering. $ 2,000 is a low price for all the extra features you get: double the gestures, more Force Touch functionality, and a quiet click with haptic feedback.

Buy Magic Mouse 2
Buy Magic Trackpad 2

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