5 companies that Apple bought. Their technology is used in our iPhone.

5 companies that Apple bought. Their technology is used in our iPhone. All Apple NEWS

Look at your iPhone: there are so many technologies and inventions from other companies that we don’t even know about!
Did you know that Apple has bought more than 50 companies to use their experience in their gadgets? Yes, if it were not for these purchases, we would never have seen iPhones with an A12 processor, did not communicate with Siri and did not know what iOS looks like.
We selected the 5 most significant transactions that have repeatedly improved Apple products and made the whole world talk about themselves.
1. The most expensive purchase: NeXT
NeXT Computer
What she did before: NeXT created computers and other computing devices for universities and businesses. In 1988, the company released its first computer with the appropriate name.
In terms of production, the computer failed – NeXT sold only 50 thousand copies. However, he influenced the personal computer industry thanks to the NeXTSTEP operating system.
NeXT is the second Steve Jobs company, created by him in 1985. Then the founder of Apple left the corporation from Silicon Valley and began other projects.
It looked like the NeXTSTEP operating system
Apple purchase: The company bought NeXT in 1997 for $ 404 million, and this deal was the most expensive for the company. However, NeXT’s contribution to the development of Apple justified this amount with interest.
What was used: Modern Apple operating systems (iOS, macOS, Watch OS) are direct descendants of NeXTSTEP. The App Store has also been created on this platform.
2. The most rewarding purchase: P. A. Semi

What she did before: P. A. Semi was engaged in the development of microprocessors and did it successfully.
In February 2007, the company released a 64-bit dual-core processor. According to the manufacturer, it is three times more energy efficient than its competitors: at a power of 2 GHz, it consumed only 5-13 watts.
This processor runs on the PA6T core, designed from the ground up without the help of the AIM alliance (Apple, IBM, Motorola / Freescale). That is, the company created a chip on its own, which turned out to be three times more energy efficient than processors from the then giants.
P. A. Semi was founded in 2003 by engineer Dan Dobberpool, one of the leading microprocessor developers of the time.
P. A. Semi 64-bit PWRficient family processor – PA6T-1682M
Apple purchase: A Cupertino-based company acquired P. A. Semi on April 23, 2008 for $ 278 million. Steve Jobs said he bought the company to get a team of experienced engineers.
Apple was interested in the energy efficiency of the chips from P. A. Semi. The company only entered the market of smartphones and tablets, and there the saving of charge is one of the most important moments in the processor.
What was used: P. A. Semi developments were useful in 2018. A12 Bionic, standing in the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, was the first to be manufactured using the 7-nanometer process technology. And the A12 X Bionic allowed the then iPad Pro to equal the power of a professional MacBook Pro 15 2018.
3. Apple’s most hype purchase: Beats startup

What she did before: the company was engaged in the production of headphones and speakers. It was founded in 2006 by the famous rapper Dr. Dre.
In 2008, Monster Cable Corporation received exclusive rights to manufacture products under this brand. From here came the remembered Monster Beats brand.
The brand was remembered for its overpriced headphones – debates steadily appeared on the network about whether the next headset of the company was worth its value or whether the brand parasitizes Dr. Dre’s fame.
Beats was founded by rapper Dr. Dre. With the help of his name, the first time audio technology was advancing
“Deaf”, “dark”, “exaggerated” – these are general impressions of the sound. In urBeats, it is fuzzy, and the bass completely smears the entire frequency range. Even when listening to hip-hop it seems like there is too much of it, ”wrote Lauren Dragan from Wirecutter.
Apple purchase: In 2014, Beats was bought by Apple for $ 3 billion. The company was highly quoted in the market, and the Cupertinians had to compete for it – before buying its share, it bought HTC.

Officially, Apple has not announced the reason for the purchase of this particular company. One of the theories is that in Cupertino we discerned the prospect of wearable electronics, and Beats policy was taken as a basis for the development of their own lines – striking promotion with the help of stars and attention to aesthetics.
What happened to the company: Beats headphones continue to be produced, only already under the control of Apple. Recognizable brand and improved filling made the products even more popular.
As a result, Apple dominates the wireless headphone market. At the same time, only Beats and AirPods are in its assortment.
Beats PowerBeats Pro and AirPods Pro are Apple’s most expensive wireless headphones
And these headphones are most convenient for users of Apple products. They are charged via Lightning and equipped with W1 chips for better pairing.
Beats Powerbeats Pro and AirPods Pro were equally worth 20 thousand rubles at the start of sales. However, today the first ones have fallen in price by almost half, the second ones are not a penny.
Obviously, sales of Beats need to be stimulated, and the demand for AirPods is already the highest.
4. The most unexpected purchase: Siri voice assistant
So the Siri icon changed. It turns out that before the takeover of Apple, it was white-green
What I did before moving to Apple: Also solved tasks on voice commands. This voice assistant is a Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) project.
The US Department of Defense began developing artificial intelligence in 2003. His plans were to create an algorithm to help the military process the large amount of data that they receive daily.
The nonprofit organization SRI International took up the research and, after 5 years of work, created the Siri project. In early 2010, the voice assistant application appeared on the App Store.
This was the user interface of the first version of the Siri application
The assistant was able to order a taxi, notify about concerts and provide data on restaurants. He differed from other assistants in sarcastic answers to user questions.
Apple purchase: In April 2010, Apple bought Siri for $ 200 million. So the company received patent rights for developments in the field of artificial intelligence.
What happened to the company: SRI International is still engaged in research activities, Siri has become an indispensable element of iOS and macOS. Since 2011, a voice assistant has been built into Apple devices; it first appeared on the iPhone 4S.
5. The most musical purchase: Shazam music recognition service

What did before the transition to Apple: Shazam was already the star of the App Store as the most popular music recognition application. I liked the song in a movie or a shopping center – Shazam will help to find it.
The company was founded back in 2000, its application has gained popularity with the development of smartphones. Even before the company acquired from Cupertino, it boasted of revenues – in 2017, the turnover amounted to $ 53.7 million.
Apple purchase: In December 2017, Apple bought the company. The transfer amount has not been officially announced, The Independent, citing sources, says that Apple paid $ 400 million for the purchase of the service.
Before Apple absorbed Shazam, there were banner ads at the bottom of the interface. Now they are not
What happened to the company: Shazam remains the main music recognition application. Apple acquired the company to obtain its patents and integrate music recognition into Siri. When you ask your iPhone what song is playing now, it’s Shazam that deals with the recognition of the track.
The main change in the application is the rejection of advertising. Before the transition to Apple, it generated income in two ways: from banners and from buying music in streaming services.
Now Shazam earns only in the second way.
As you can see, Apple is constantly looking for new ways to make its gadgets and services better with the help of technologies and developments of other brands. Who knows which company with breakthrough technology the Cupertinians will buy next to make their gadgets even better.

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