20 iPhone features that can be disabled for most users

A modern smartphone has so many functions that users do not even know about many of them. Some of the default features are rarely, if ever, used. Certain iOS features may run in the background, making your iPhone slower or draining the battery faster. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the iOS features that you might not use and how to turn them off.

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In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

What features on iPhone can be disabled for most users?

Spotlight search suggestions

Swiping down on the home screen will bring up the Spotlight search screen. Under the usual search line, there are numerous offers that some people do not use at all.

Spotlight search suggestions

To turn them off, just follow the path Settings → Siri and Search and disable three items Siri Suggestions: In search, In “Find”, On the lock screen and In the “Share” function (disables recommended contacts in the Share menu).

Turn off Spotlight search suggestions
Spotlight search suggestions

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How often do you communicate with Siri virtual assistant? If your answer is: “a couple of times a year” or “very rarely”, then feel free to turn it off (you can turn it on if necessary at any time). To turn off the Apple voice assistant, follow the path Settings → Siri and Search and disable all three options: Listen to “Hey Siri”, Side Button Call Siri and Siri with screen lock

How to turn off Siri

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How to disable widgets on iPhone

To go to the widgets screen in iOS, slide the first page of the home screen to the right. If you rarely look here, we recommend getting rid of this clutter altogether. To do this is quite simple: open the widget screen and press the button Edit at the bottom. On the page that opens, click the icon “-“ opposite each item, confirming the deletion with the button Delete

How to disable widgets on iPhone

When finished, press Done

How to disable widgets on iPhone

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Raising to activate

A feature that turns the iPhone screen on whenever you pick it up. This will work even if you just took your smartphone off the table to put it in your pocket. Disconnected along the way: SettingsScreen and brightnessRaising to activate

How to disable Raise to Activate on iPhone

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Automatically play videos in the App Store without your permission

iPhone is set by default so that videos on the App Store’s app and game pages play automatically. But this behavior of the system can be annoying. It is quite frustrating when a video suddenly starts playing with a loud sound that hits your ears. Yes, and automatic video playback is a trite CPU load and consumes traffic. For the mobile Internet, this can be quite unpleasant.

You can disable this system behavior in the menu Settings → iTunes Store & App Store → Autoplay Videos… Here, you can set the option to automatically play videos only when connected to a Wi-Fi network, or completely refuse such video display.

How to disable automatic playback of videos in the App Store without your permission

Automatically play videos in the App Store without your permission

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Keyboard Clicks & Lock Sound

If you often have to type on iPhone in front of people, you can probably annoy them with keyboard clicks. In order not to draw attention to yourself, disable them along the way: SettingsSound, tactile signalsKeyboard clicks… Here you can also disable and Lock sound

How to Disable Keyboard Clicks and Lock Sounds on iPhone

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Systemic tactile signals

In our subjective opinion, system tactile signals in iOS are also an unnecessary source of drain on the iPhone’s battery. In case the lack of light vibration when working with iOS elements is not critical for you, disable this function along the way: SettingsSound, tactile signalsSystemic tactile

How to turn off system tactile signals on iPhone

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As a reminder, this feature allows you to start using the app on one Apple device and continue on another. For example, you can open a YouTube video on your iPhone and go back to what you started on your iPad or Mac, and vice versa.

This feature can only be very useful if you have multiple Apple devices. If you have only an iPhone from apples, then feel free to disable Handoff along the way: SettingsThe mainAirPlay and Handoff

How to disable Handoff on iPhone

How to disable Handoff on iPhone

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Improving Apple Services

Although Apple claims to collect little or no data about its users, this process is still happening. For example, a company collects information from a smartphone to improve its map service.

But in Russia, Apple cards are significantly inferior to similar services from Google and Yandex. However, most iPhones have options enabled by default that allow you to enhance Apple maps in the background.

If you do not use Apple’s mapping service, then you should not improve it yourself. Follow the path: Settings -> Privacy -> Geolocation Services -> System Services and disable options: IPhone Analytics, “Routing and Traffic”, “Popular nearby”, “Improving Maps”

Geolocation on iOS

Improving Apple Services

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Notifications from some apps

One of the most important points that affects the user’s productivity during the working day, as well as the consumption of the smartphone’s battery. When installing a new application, do not rush to give permission to send notifications, otherwise the iPhone screen may turn on very often, for example, when receiving messages from instant messengers.

Notifications from some apps

If there are already too many incoming notifications, open SettingsNotifications, go to noisy app options and set the switch Allowing notifications into position Turned off

How to turn off notifications on iPhone

How to turn off notifications on iPhone

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Back up to iCloud

This option has several negative aspects, the main one of which is clogging the cloud storage with unnecessary backups. This is most relevant if you have multiple Apple devices in use and a free iCloud plan that runs out of space.

When you turn off iCloud backup don’t worry about your contacts, notes, reminders, calendars, etc., as well as files stored in iCloud Drive, they will not be lost and all this very easy to restore on a new iPhone or iPad… The backup has nothing to do with it.

Disabling the creation of a backup in iCloud is made along the path: SettingsApple ID (your name)iCloudICloud backup

How can I see which backups are saved in iCloud and delete unnecessary ones?

Back up to iCloud

We’ve covered the difference between iCloud backup and iCloud sync (iCloud Drive) in this article in more detail.

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Fitness Tracking

If you are not tracking steps taken or calories burned and are not using your iPhone as a physical activity tracking device, disable the option Fitness trackinglocated along the path: SettingsConfidentialityMovement and fitness

Turn off fitness tracking

Turn off fitness tracking

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Screen time

Starting with iOS 12, the iPhone has a function that monitors the activity of applications and how often they are used. It is called “Screen time“. The purpose of this feature is clear – it allows users to find out which applications they use most often or abuse them.

This option seems useful at first glance, but this is only in theory. Surveys of iOS users consistently show that they very rarely use this feature. But it stays on on many iPhones, putting a heavy load on the battery. In many cases it is Screen Time blame for the fast discharge of the smartphone. To disable this feature, go to Settings → Screen Time

How to turn off Screen Time on iPhone

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Auto correction

Tired of lopsided automatic word corrections when typing on iOS keyboard, turn off the option Auto correction along the way: SettingsThe mainKeyboard

How to turn off auto correction on iPhone

How to turn off auto correction on iPhone

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Transparency (background blur effect in iOS)

This is the same background blur effect that gives a special gloss to the “apple” software shell. Thanks to transparency, iOS elements stand out in volume against the “retouched” background, which really “refreshes” the interface design. The effect is present everywhere from the Control Center to the status bar with the clock.

Turning off transparency in iOS has a positive effect on device performance as well as battery life.

If you’re willing to sacrifice beauty for the performance and uptime of your iPhone, turn on Reducing transparency along the way: SettingsAccessibility → Display and text size.

How to turn off transparency (background blur effect in iOS)
How to turn off transparency (background blur effect in iOS)

Reducing movement (parallax effect)

You’ve probably noticed the presence of a three-dimensional effect on the iOS home screen, in which application icons seem to float against the background of the wallpaper. This is called the parallax effect.

If the lack of proprietary iOS visual effects is not critical for you, enable the option Reduced movement along the way SettingsUniversal accessTraffic

How to reduce movement (parallax effect)

Turn off motion reduction (parallax effect)

By this action, you will reduce the load on the processor and therefore extend the battery life of the iPhone.

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Automatically send analytics data from iPhone to Apple

Every Apple smartphone collects some data by default, which is sent to the manufacturer for analysis. But don’t worry – Apple does not collect personal data from its users. And this information is transmitted in encrypted form.

However, the very collection of data and their subsequent encryption, taking place on your iPhone, requires certain resources. It’s good that this feature can be disabled. To do this, go to the menu Settings → Privacy → Analytics & Improvements and disable the functions: “Share iPhone Analytics”, Improve Siri and Dictation, “Share iCloud Analytics”

Automatically send analytics data from iPhone to Apple

Automatically send analytics data from iPhone to Apple

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Track the places you visited

Every iPhone has a standard feature that tracks the most frequently visited places every day. The determination of these points is quite accurate. You can then see on the map those places where you go most often.

This feature is designed to improve various features of the iPhone, such as “Maps” or the voice assistant Siri. But such an improvement has practically no effect on the operation of a smartphone. But the battery, this function of tracking the most frequently visited places eats up decently. To disable this feature, follow the path: Settings -> Privacy -> Geolocation Services -> System Services -> Important Locations

Geolocation on iOS

Track the places you visited

Turn off tracking of places you've visited

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Shaking to undo

Function “Shake to undo”, which allows you to shake the iPhone in order to undo the last action when typing in applications, appeared for a long time. But the fact is that active users, who often quickly move the gadget in space, could be pretty annoyed by the offer “Do not apply” Enter “”

To disable the annoying feature, go to SettingsUniversal accessTouchingShaking to undo and move the slider to the position Turned off

How to turn off shake to undo

How to turn off shake to undo on iPhone

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