14 old-school iPhone games to download. This is nostalgia

14 old-school iPhone games to download. This is nostalgia All Apple NEWS

We already talked about 20 retro games that can be played on the iPhone and iPad. It’s time to replenish the list of rare applications and nostalgia.

There are fewer such applications every year, but they look advantageous against the background of donation farms and the Apple Arcade service, in which, after the first wave of games, new items rarely appear.

Many applications in the collection are paid, but they are worth every ruble spent.

1. Space Invaders

This is a real classic from 1978. Initially, the game appeared in Japan, and a few years later arcade machines with space invaders flooded the gaming halls of the United States.

Space Invaders re-released on many gaming platforms, the game gained great popularity on Atari 2600, repeatedly increasing sales of the game console.

In the application for the iPhone, everything is simple and familiar: we move our ship and shoot from the crowds of aliens.

▸ Download Space Invaders – 379 rub.

2. Metal Slug 3

The famous side scroller was born in the late 90s, the third part of the game in 2000 was distributed to all relevant gaming platforms.

Now the game with lamp graphics can be played on the iPhone or iPad.

▸ Download Metal Slug 3 – 229 rub.

3. Battle City

Familiar to many from childhood arcade tanks were released by the company Namco for prefix Game boy.

In the post-Soviet space, a clone of the game was popular for Dendy under the name Tank 1990.

The game was repeatedly re-released for iOS, at the moment the most authentic example is Super Tank Battle.

▸ Download Super Tank Battle – 15 rubles.


One of the first three-dimensional shooters appeared in 1993 and is the founder of one of the most recognizable game series. The game has acquired many sequels, prequels and custom modifications.

The classic version of the game, which gave a powerful impetus to the genre of first-person shooters, can be played directly on the iPhone.

▸ Download Doom – 379 rub.

5. Mega Man X

Another hit of the early 90s production Capcom. First, the game gained popularity at home in Japan, and then spread throughout America and Europe.

It is very rare when the same development company is engaged in re-publishing the game after many years.

▸ Download Mega Man X – 379 rub.

6. Chrono Trigger

Popular in amateur circles Final fantasy game in the genre of RPG. All the necessary elements are present, such as old-school graphics, appropriate soundtrack and a twisted plot.

▸ Download Chrono Trigger – 749 rub.

7. The snake

Time killer No. 1, which was preinstalled on most push-button Nokia phones of the end of the last century.

It was rumored that craftsmen could fill the entire screen of the phone with a snake.

It is unfortunate that such a legendary thing could not be transferred to new phones manufactured under the Nokia brand.

▸ Download Snake ’97 – free

8. The 7th Guest

An interactive adventure puzzle was popular among computer game enthusiasts in the mid-90s. At that time, the developers managed to sell more than 2 million copies of the game on CD-ROMs (still remember these?).

Thanks to high-quality Russian localization, understanding what is happening is not difficult.

▸ Download The 7th Guest – free.

9. Pacific Wings

Scroll shooter, appeared in 1990 under the name “1941”, told about the difficult fate of a pilot of the British air force during the Second World War.

There are a lot of similar applications on iOS, but this one conveys the graphics of that time and the inherent complexity of the game.

▸ Download Pacific Wings – free.

10. Worms

The famous series of games about fighting armed to the teeth worms is familiar to many players with experience. The game was truly popular in the early 2000s, when several versions came out with the most fascinating and absurd means of destroying opponents.

Then the series made a series of unsuccessful attempts to switch to 3D and returned to the classic two-dimensional space.

It is in this form that you can play worms on a smartphone.

▸ Download Worms – 149 rub.

11. Tetris

Living classic developed by our compatriot Alexey Pazhitnov back in 1984. A kind of puzzle worked on computers of those years, and then gained great popularity in the form of portable gaming systems.

For example, I still have a dusty working copy Brick game.

▸ Download Tetris – free.

12. Duke Nukem

Another popular platformer, the first version of which was released for the operating system Ms dos! The series later spread to platforms Game Boy, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64.

By the next anniversary of the series, the game was carefully transferred to iOS.

▸ Download Duke Nukem – 149 rub.

13. Myst

One of the most famous series of quest games originates in 1993 at Macintosh and Windows 3.1.

A remake of the game for desktop OS was released in 2000, after a decade and a half, developers ported the game to iOS.

▸ Download realMyst – 529 rub.

14. Flashback

The 1993 game was released by the company Delphine influenced by a science fiction film Remember all from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Flashback is still the most popular computer game from French developers.

The pseudo-three-dimensional platformer tells the story of an intergalactic detective who is trying to uncover the alien conspiracy.

I remember how I spent hours playing the game on the Sega Mega Drive console, and when I was at a dead end, I spied on the solution in a book with codes, passwords and secrets.


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