10 reasons that prevent you from achieving success

Why do we do everything in order to achieve the result – and still fail? Who (or rather, what) is stopping us? And what to do to succeed?

So … people who don’t succeed:

1. Don’t understand the value of time

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“Every successful entrepreneur knows that time is more valuable than any money” (Richard Branson, British entrepreneur, billionaire, founder of the Virgin Group).

But unlucky people do not value their time. They are everywhere – and nowhere, they can’t concentrate on one task. As a result, year after year, they make promises to themselves and never keep them. Simply because they do not want to invest their time in achieving their goals.

If you want to change the state of affairs – learn at least the basic principles of time management, learn to say “no” and carry out communication.

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2. Do not do things that are necessary to achieve goals


“Once you know what your values ​​are, decisions aren’t difficult to make.” – Roy Disney.

The more important a goal is, the higher it should be in your value hierarchy, and the more discipline and order should be given to it, and vice versa. Unlucky people often confuse being busy with being productive. They do everything at once – but none of the activities brings them closer to fulfilling their own tasks and does not allow them to be guided by their own and not other people’s values.

What to do? Write down your goals in a notebook, develop strategies to achieve them, and mind your own business.

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3. Don’t want to get better

Laziness in the workplace

“People think that success in one area can compensate for failure in everyone else. But is it? True efficiency requires balance. ”(Stephen Covey, Productivity Expert).

Suppose your boss is… .. (bad person). As a result, which is logical, you hate your job and do it carelessly. This is an understandable, but not ideal position – after all, you are paid money, so you have to work it out. In addition, life has a universal law: you receive exactly as much as you invest.

Losers often don’t mind bad grades for their work and don’t want to learn anything new. But in order to be a “student,” you don’t have to be smart – you just need to be able to plan and prepare well. As a result, you will not only start to achieve something, but you will also feel smarter. And this is always nice :).

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4. Constrained by imaginary barriers

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“You are what you believe in” (Oprah Winfrey)

People who are unlucky in life like to say something like “I have a problem with the account”, “I hate learning” or “I don’t think I can create a successful business.” They set themselves barriers and come up with excuses. Stop thinking that you are dumber than someone – believe me, it only seems to you.

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5. Very good at coming up with reasons not to do anything

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“If you can’t do it well, at least try to make it look good.” (Bill Gates)

These people are so realists! Their judgments are full of logic. They always know why they cannot do it. They never try, never try to do everything “honestly.” How to get rid of this? Disconnect the brain at the moment when it starts looking for excuses to do nothing.

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6. Can’t communicate

Friendly team

“You can easily understand a person’s character by the way he treats those who cannot be of any use to him” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).

Losers don’t have a social IQ. They like to say things like “well, at least I was honest with you” or “that’s the kind of person I am, just accept it and live with it.” They don’t know how to communicate with other people and often behave arrogantly for no reason. No one likes talkers, pontorez, braggart and those who can’t even say thank you. Learn to communicate – and quickly notice how you climb the social ladder.

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7. Procrastinate

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“Put off until tomorrow only what you don’t want to finish until you die.” (Pablo Picasso)

They constantly put things off – and they are not at all shy about it. “Come on, what’s wrong?” They are satisfied that they live in yesterday, they live as if they have a second life in reserve. But death is approaching every day, and any 24 hours is a gift that must be used in full.

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8. Do nothing

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“Do something today, your future will thank you for it.” – Les Brown

Losers talk a lot and beautifully, dream even better – but do nothing to make words come true. Of course, there is nothing like that in dreams – but a person is characterized by his deeds, not words. Quit chatting at the table in the kitchen and start doing something at last!

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9. Do not know how to accept difficulties

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“A sun without rains creates a desert” (Arabic proverb)

As soon as a problem appears – losers immediately fold their paws, because life has not prepared them for this. But overcoming difficulties not only brings us closer to our cherished goal, but also makes us stronger. In the end, David defeated Goliath all over (even if it took him to try hard).

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10. Apathetic


“But as you are warm, and not hot and not cold, then I will vomit you out of my mouth” (Apocalypse, 3:16)

You probably know such people. They have no opinion about anything, they are not able to make the simplest decisions, they do not care about everything – they are indifferent to everything and do not stand up for anything. They cannot maintain a “smart” conversation, do not know what to say, if they do not understand the subject of the conversation. They do not read anything, do not learn new things and do not care about how to present themselves to others.

Apathy is a silent killer. Find something that delights you – even if you don’t get paid to do it. Believe me – your life will change.

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