10 keyboard shortcuts for YouTube in your computer browser you didn’t know about

Youtube everyone loves – but not everyone is aware of the existence of “hot keys” that make watching videos much more convenient. The keys work with any video file and anywhere – both on YouTube and on any web page on the web. The best shortcuts are listed below.

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YouTube keyboard shortcuts

K – Pause / Resume. Most people press Space. In principle, it is even more convenient than looking for the letter “K” on the keyboard. But there is also a serious disadvantage: sometimes after pressing this key a completely different shortcut is triggered, “lower the page down”. But if you press “K”, then nothing will happen except for stopping or reactivating the video.

M – Remove sound. It is not necessary to search for the familiar speaker icon with the mouse; the first letter of this word is enough to execute / cancel the Mute command.

F – Full screen mode. Refuse to double-click on the screen – to go to Full Screen mode, a single press of the F button is enough (again, the first letter in the Full Screen phrase).

J – Rewind the video 10 seconds back. Did you miss something? It is not at all necessary to search for a lost moment in the video with the cursor. Just find the J button on the keyboard and make your life a little easier.

Left arrow – Rewind the video 5 seconds back. Suitable for those for whom a trip into the past for 10 seconds is too much.

L – Fast forward the video 10 seconds.

Right arrow – Skip the video forward 5 seconds.

0 (zero) – View the entire video from the beginning.

Numbers from 1 to 9 – View one of nine video fragments. You may not have known – but Youtube divides each video into nine equal parts of the same length, regardless of how long the video is running. Switching between parts of a video is a great way to jump straight to the end, to the beginning, or to the middle of a video to find the information you need more quickly.

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How to Quickly Make a GIF on Any YouTube Video

How to Quickly Make a GIF on Any YouTube Video

Just add before the word youtube in the address bar the word “Gif”… The beginning of the URL will look like www.gifyoutube.com… If everything is done correctly, you will immediately be taken to a special page where you can create a “gif”. Select the time the GIF starts, then the end time. The finished file can be sent to your favorite social network or inserted into a post on your blog.

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