[Оптическая иллюзия] Why do these two identical photos seem different?

Two roads parted and drove the entire progressive Internet crazy (again). A Reddit user shared an unusual photo. On it is a narrow city street, as if taken from two different perspectives – almost straight ahead and on the right side. It’s obvious! It would seem, what’s the big deal? Nothing – if you do not take into account the fact that the picture is the same!

Yes, look at the “photo” on the right of the collage. To stop possible disputes, let’s just say no, the photographer was not standing on the right side of the street. If you superimpose the pictures one on top of the other, it immediately becomes clear – they are identical!

optical illusion

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Great … but why don’t the two shots look the same ?!

It’s all about how our brains interpret lines in a 2D image.

When you take your actual photograph, it is a concept that photographers call converging lines. If you are standing in the middle of a straight, level road and photographing, the lines at the farthest edge of the road seem to merge with each other.

But our brain “knows” that these lines do not touch, just the distance creates the optical illusion that they are getting closer to each other. As a result, the brain “sees” not the converging lines, but “depth”. In the photo from the street, we know that a passenger car is actually no bigger than a truck. We understand that it is closer – since these lines allow the brain to see depth in the image.

Photographers are very fond of this effect – after all, it makes a “three-dimensional” image out of a “flat” image.

But, since the brain is still here, that these lines in the photo do not actually intersect – why do these identical photos not look like that? It’s all about how both images are positioned. Look at them so that they are one above the other, and not next to each other – and you will see two completely identical images.

optical illusion

Another Reddit user suggests covering the bottom of the double picture with something (a sheet of paper or just your palm) and make sure that both pictures are identical at the top. But it is enough to remove the “barrier” – and the illusion will repeat itself again. Hell, you can look at all this forever!

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